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CNN Poll: Public Approves of Holder Contempt Vote

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53% in favor and only 1/3 against:

According to a CNN/ORC International survey released Monday morning, 53% of people questioned say they approve of the House vote a week and a half ago to hold the attorney general in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents related to a controversial program called Operation Fast and Furious, with one in three saying they disapprove of the move and 13% unsure.

Of course, a majority also thinks that Republicans are doing this for partisan reasons. That’s OK if they still think it’s the right thing to do.

The Jester Hacked?

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“The Jester” is a fairly famous opponent of Anonymous; a “Hacktivist for Good.”

Looks like someone has gotten a hold of his Twitter password:


UPDATE: From a WordPress site devoted to the hack:


UPDATE: Background on the Jester at Wikipedia. It can be edited at any second so it must be reliable! It does, however, provide an interview with the Jester here. An excerpt:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

Ryan, I would like to give you and your readers a little more about me but it’s kind of difficult to do that, given the nature of my targets, all I can give you sir is what’s already ‘out there’ – I am ex-mil – and slightly pissed at the surge in Jihadist online activities.

Now with regard to what I do: I aim to cause disruption to the online efforts of Jihadists on the internet. They have realized that they can recruit, train and coordinate home-grown terrorists completely via the internet, without ever having to meet. This cuts out much of the risk associated with any face-to-face contact for the recruiters. Web recruitment targets young, tech-savvy, vulnerable Muslims, the iPod generation if you like. By making these sites unreliable, the potential recruit numbers start to dwindle. I limit my hits to defined time-slots (rather than killing them completely) because I am well aware that official Counter Terrorist Agencies use some of these sites for intelligence gathering. I have been asked why I DON’T hit certain sites, well it’s simple. By NOT hitting certain sites (and hitting others hard) I am ‘herding’, people give up easily when a site is constantly up and down, and move on to a more reliable one. So it creates a funnel-effect, funneling terrorists and potential terrorists away from peripheral sites and into a smaller space that is easier to monitor.

There is a fellow named Vince in the Bay on Twitter who claims the Jester wasn’t hacked. Could be. The Jester could be running a scam of some kind. I don’t know. But it ostensibly looks like a hack and so it’s news whether it turns out to be a false flag operation or not.

UPDATE: Vince in the Bay clarifies:

[S]omeone figured out his auto post email that links his wordpress to his twitter.

That may be. But it still looks like a hack of sorts. A lot of messages are appearing on his Twitter account that he didn’t write — that are mocking him. Isn’t that a hack of some kind?

UPDATE: Unclear how Vince in the Bay’s explanation can be reconciled with the claim above that they have control of 14 or so of his online accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, SecondLife, Linkedin, and so forth.

Off to bed. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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