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Class Warrior-in-Chief awash in cash from Wall Street, Fatcats

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As Pres. Obama prattles on about the evils of tax breaks for corporate jets, the Center for Responsive Politics notes:

President Barack Obama has relied more on well-connected Wall Street figures to fund his re-election than he did four years ago when he campaigned as an outsider and an underdog.

One-third of the money Obama’s elite fund-raising corps has raised on behalf of his re-election has come from the financial sector ***.


Meanwhile, employees of law firms and lobbying shops are responsible for at least $6.9 million so far this year, money which has gone to the Obama re-elect campaign and the DNC.

During Obama’s presidential bid four years ago, individuals in this economic sector were responsible for a minimum of $16.1 million — with the legal industry being the No. 1 industry among all of Obama’s bundlers.

This is no shocker.  Obama’s 2008 campaign received loads of cash from people and groups associated with the top ten issuers of subprime loans.  He then packed the key economic positions in his White House with the people he claimed caused the financial crisis. (more…)

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