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Ghoulish Jew-Hating Egyptian Cleric Drools Over Holocaust Footage

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Today Allahpundit posted a video of an Egyptian television cleric who essentially drools over footage of the Holocaust. His hatred for Jews is cartoonish, yet all too real. Allah says:

How often do I explicitly ask you to watch an entire clip, especially one this long? I’m asking this time.

I watched the whole thing, and I agree. It’s about 10 minutes and worth every second:

The guy says charming things like this:

In a nutshell, the Holocausts of the Jews in Germany were because of their own deeds.

. . . .

Let’s watch what Germany did to Israel — or rather, to the Jews, so we can understand that there is no remedy for these people other than imposing fear and terror on them.

Even though you’ve been asked to watch it all, I know that some of you will be short on time. If so, skip ahead to 7:50 and watch for a couple of minutes, as this ghoul crows over some the most horrible images of the Holocaust imaginable: men being tortured, skeletons of men burned to death, tractors pushing piles of emaciated corpses, and the like. I took the liberty of transcribing some of the commentary:

[L]et’s watch what the German [sic] do to the Jews. These are corpses of dead humans and the shattered bones of Jews. Here we have a crematorium in which the Jews were burnt. These are Jews who are being prepared to be burnt. Look, these are Jews dying of hunger or by gas. Look how they round them up and put them on trucks. Note the humiliation on his face, Allah be praised. . . .

Look what starvation (the Germans) inflicted upon them. Look what humiliation. These are people being buried alive. Does this look like a human being? He is placed in a ditch to be buried alive. This is a pile of bodies. . . .

Look, this is a barbed wire, used to crush their bodies. He and five others will be hanged with a single chain. Concentrate on this, my brothers. Watch this. Look, they are tying five heads together. These are bodies. Here they are drilling a hole in his back with a nail. This child awaits his turn. Watch their humiliation. These are corpses, Allah be praised. The (Jews) are oppressors. . . .

These are bodies, these are dead people, these are skulls. These are the bodies of the Jews being loaded like animals. Watch this tractor clearing away the corpses of the Jews, and these are the refugees awaiting their turn to be killed.

The mentality that fueled Nazi Germany is alive and well in radical Islam today. This mentality is sick, twisted, and disgusting. What’s appalling is the thought that it is also commonplace.

L.A. Times: Republicans “Snipe” at Obama, Even as He “Swim[s] Against the Partisan Tide” — Meanwhile, Layoffs Are “Adding Urgency to the Need to Agree on a Stimulus Plan” . . . Yes, These Are Quotes from News Articles. No, I’m Not Kidding.

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The L.A. Times sings a hymn of praise to the glorious bipartisan efforts of Barack Obama:

President Obama travels to the Capitol today to meet with House and Senate Republicans, the latest in a series of high-profile efforts to reach across the aisle and make good on his campaign promise to swim against the partisan tide that has flooded Washington for decades.

So far, his gestures have shown few signs of success, as Republicans have continued to snipe at his signature initiative — legislation to stimulate the economy — and even to question the sincerity of his efforts. In the stimulus bill’s first two tests last week, it passed two committees without a single Republican vote.


Nothing loaded in that terminology . . .

Meanwhile, another article tells us that layoffs at several companies are “adding urgency to the need to agree on a stimulus plan”:

Imagine these headlines: “Saddam continues to defy U.N. weapons inspectors, adding urgency to the need to agree to Bush’s proposed invasion of Iraq.” Or: “Jihadists return to the battlefield, adding urgency to the need to agree to revisions of FISA.”

Yeah, I agree. They are hard to imagine at that.

So, five guys walk into a steakhouse…

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[Posted by Karl]

I had the ill good fortune of dining tonight with JD, daleyrocks, carlitos and Dmac, who are just as interesting — if disappointingly polite — in person as they are here.  Much meat was consumed, none belonging to us. NTTAWWT. We discussed the psychology of trolls, including the ne plus ultra of trolling from alphie/monkyboy, as well as the psychology of chief Rick Ellensburg sycophant Mona (this recent thread at Contentions gives you a peeky-boo into that abyss).  JD was introduced to high-concept blogging of the sort that lands book deals.  There was a brief moment where I thought the restaurant had lost my hood coat, but even that was resolved amicably.  My best wishes go out to nk, who had to take a pass for reasons beyond his control.

I’m sure the others will have their version of what occurred. Don’t believe a word.

— Karl

Mother from Hell Teaches Son to See Himself As Victim

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Because the 100-0 basketball game wasn’t enough, here is more drama at a North Texas high school. The latest example is this story about a woman ready to litigate the issue of whether her son should be “drum squad leader”:

Wynthia Brewster claims her son should have been drum leader in North Garland High School’s marching band this school year.

But when the band director chose another student, Brewster refused to accept the results. At a football game and a marching band competition, she displayed a banner that read, “BAND DIRECTOR TODD TONEY CHEATED MY SON.”

Yes, of course she’s an attorney:

Brewster, an attorney, said she’d be willing to go as far as the Texas Supreme Court.

I bet they can’t wait.

Brewster says her son was rejected for the position because her son is black:

“I think Mr. Toney has issues because he cannot cope with having an African-American as squad leader, or doesn’t like Austin,” she said. “If you do not take a stand when someone is implementing racial hatred, and you do nothing, then you say it’s OK. And it’s not OK. I’m here trying to teach my children values.”

The band director says her son isn’t the best qualified:

Squad leaders this year are ethnically diverse, he wrote [in an e-mail defending his decision]. One is black.

Toney also wrote that while “Austin is a great kid and we love that he is in band,” he has had problems with tardiness and behavior. He also stressed that the squad leader tryouts focused on marching fundamentals, and Austin did not stand still during attention.

Does the story present any evidence that Ms. Brewster has worked with Austin on his punctuality, behavior, or ability to stand still? Uh, no. But Ms. Brewster has convinced her son that he is a victim of racism, a conclusion he initially resisted:

Austin said he supports his mother’s efforts, though he initially did not. The “race card” was a tough card to play, he said. But ultimately, he said, he could see no other reason that he didn’t get the coveted position.

How about his tardiness, behavior, and inability to stand still at attention?

“Sometimes moms can be overbearing and over-supportive,” Austin said. “But she explained the scenario to me. She didn’t want me to look the other way.”

Hallelujah. Another victim is born.

Read the Stimulus

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Ed Morrissey:

My friend Rob Neppell at Truth Laid Bear and Kithbridge has literally made a career out of building on-line tools to break down barriers between people and organizations, and he’s done it once again with Read the Stimulus. Rob has transformed the 1,588 pages of legislation and committee reports into a searchable website designed to shine a light on the Congressional porkfest. What had once been an inaccessible and forbidding mountain as daunting as Everest now becomes accessible to those motivated to find the pork, waste, and outright fraud in them thar hills.

Let’s see what an Army of Davids can do. Get your search fingers warmed up and see what ridiculous items you can find in this bloated attempt at nationalization.

It looks like the pet idea of spending hundreds of millions on contraceptives may be dead. Help kill other pork-filled nonsense. The page to go to is here. Find some stupid items Obama wants us to shell out millions for, and post them in the comments. If there are enough good ones, I’ll assemble them into a post.

Unapologetic 100-0 Coach Fired

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An unhappy ending:

The coach of a Texas high school basketball team that beat another team 100-0 was fired Sunday, the same day he sent an e-mail to a newspaper saying he will not apologize “for a wide-margin victory when my girls played with honor and integrity.”

Kyle Queal, the headmaster for Covenant School, said in The Dallas Morning News online edition that he could not answer if the firing was a direct result of coach Micah Grimes’ e-mail disagreeing with administrators who called the blowout “shameful.”

It’s a mystery.

Grimes, who has been criticized for letting the game get so far out of hand, made it clear in the e-mail Sunday to the newspaper that he does not agree with his school’s assessment.

“In response to the statement posted on The Covenant School Web site, I do not agree with the apology or the notion that the Covenant School girls basketball team should feel embarrassed or ashamed,” Grimes wrote in the e-mail, according to the newspaper. “We played the game as it was meant to be played. My values and my beliefs would not allow me to run up the score on any opponent, and it will not allow me to apologize for a wide-margin victory when my girls played with honor and integrity.”

So he didn’t run up the score, and they can’t say if they fired him for the criticism.

The biggest loser of all: straight talk.

Via Hot Air.

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