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Programming Note

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I have working hard on the Dog Trainer Year in Review. Like I said, posting may be very light until the end of the year.

UPDATE: I mean, I have been “hardly working” on it. Sorry for the confusion.

5 Responses to “Programming Note”

  1. You have “working hard?” Maybe too hard. 🙂

    Tillman (1cf529)

  2. It’s relative. Actually, I’ve just been stealing moments with the Treo when nothing else is going on — which is not too often. I’m still in “how the heck am I going to get this done by the 31st?” mode.

    Patterico (6e4ddd)

  3. Well, of course I’m just a commenter, but you do a much better job with your grammar than I’m able to do.

    Thank you and Clam for your site and I appreciate your putting up with me. You and a lot of your commenters give me a challenge, whereas most of the other sites are just filled with non-thinking ditto-heads. That’s what keeps me coming back here.

    Tillman (1cf529)

  4. “Hardly working?” You some kind moonie?

    Teri (afca91)

  5. How does one get “working hard” from blogging? I thought only porn actors got that.

    Xrlq (428dfd)

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