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L.A. Times:  “No Democrat Was a Firmer Ally” of Bush’s Iraq War Than Murtha

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Mickey Kaus reads the L.A. Times when I am too busy to do it, so you don’t have to — and I don’t have to either!

Note to hapless LAT publisher Jeffrey Johnson: Instead of reviving Robert Scheer’s dormant career by firing him, or having your telemarketers boast that you’ve extirpated liberal Michael Kinsley’s insidious influence, why not pay attention to the bias on the pages people actually read–like the embarrassing deception in the second paragraph of Friday’s front-page, two-column-headline lead story, which seemingly proclaimed that “no Democrat was a firmer ally” of Bush’s war against Saddam than Rep. John Murtha, when in fact Murtha had been a critic of the current Iraq war in 2002, before it started? Funny how those propagandistic mistakes in the news pages never get made in a pro-Bush direction, isn’t it?

Kaus has a further trenchant observation that I couldn’t put better if I tried. Good thing I didn’t. It comes in one of Kaus’s patented post-post-postscripts:

P.P.P.S.: That Murtha error smells like an editor’s mistake to me. That’s why your absurd anti-Kinsley spiel won’t convince anybody. The L.A. Times’ peculiar bias–a chloroform-like combination of liberalism and lifelessness–runs deep in the paper’s DNA, in layers and layers of editorial middle-bureaucracy. Short of laying off 80% of the staff, you will not root it out in our lifetimes. Conservative readers know this.

Some intellectually honest liberals do too.

Malkin Strikes Back

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I am often astounded at the incredible level of vitriol Michelle Malkin puts up with. Today she strikes back because her husband is getting dragged into it. Good for her.

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