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Victims Of Communism Memorial Foundation

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Pejman writes regarding a memorial for the victims of communism. Your funds are needed.

Spam Poetry

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You know those spam messages you get with the lines of gibberish? I rescued one of them from the spam filter last night because I thought many of the lines were quite poetic. I’ve picked out a few lines and lightly edited, rearranged, and punctuated them so you can see what I mean:


Biden Shoots Self in Foot

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In a New York Times article about how Alito’s 1985 job application has affected his chances of confirmation, we get this gem:

“He said he was 35 when he wrote that,” said Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., Democrat of Delaware, after meeting with the judge. “I pointed out I had been a senator for five years when I was 35. No one says to me, ‘Well, what you said in 1974 as a senator we can just forget.’ “

Bookmark that and save it for when Plagiarizin’ Joe Biden runs for President. When Biden lied about his law school record and plagiarized a speech, it was 1987 — two years after Alito filled out his job application.

Biden just forever forfeited any right to argue that his lying and plagiarism are old news.

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