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Document Examiner Emily Will on Mary Mapes’s “Facts”

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Via Power Line, one of the document examiners who tried to warn CBS about those forged documents takes issue with some of the factual assertions made in Mary Mapes’s book.

Alito’s Letter Regarding Recusal Issues

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Via K-Lo at Bench Memos, you can read Judge Alito’s letter to Specter regarding recusal issues. I find it convincing.

Ramirez Out

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The other day I passed along news that Robert Scheer was leaving the L.A. Times and wondered whether things might be improving there.

It looks like the answer is: probably not. Because they’re not just booting out Scheer — they’re also getting rid of Michael Ramirez.

Bad move.

P.S. Scheer blames his ouster on his amazing personal courage in exposing President Bush’s alleged lies. Xrlq hears the world’s smallest violin playing.

I Couldn’t Make the RNC Conference Call

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Lorie Byrd writes yesterday:

I was not able to be in on today’s RNC blogger conference call, but Mark Coffey has an account here.

Yeah, I was not able to be in on it either.

Because I wasn’t invited to be.

P.S. Not that I’d be able to participate in any of these calls anyway. They always seem to take place during working hours.

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