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Republicans’ Resolution Saying We Won’t Withdraw: The Right Move

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Dafydd ab Hugh is right. The Republicans’ recent resolution was the right move. It sent a clear message to the world that we are not going to cut and run in Iraq. If the price of that message is providing political cover to some relatively weak-kneed Democrats, that’s okay. It’s worth it.

Baggage Claim Etiquette

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For God’s sake, people: don’t stand right by the conveyor belt. Stand 7-8 feet back. That way we can all see whether our bags are coming — and I won’t have to kneecap you when I take my heavy bag off the belt.

It’s just common sense. Yet 99 percent of people don’t do it.

Having Christian Kids Act Like Muslims

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Jeff Goldstein has an interesting post on a recent Ninth Circuit decision allowing a school to encourage Christian students to act like Muslims, and the contrast between that and the Pledge of Allegiance decision.

I haven’t read the more recent case, but I am intrigued by the suggestion in the post (made by Jay at Stop the ACLU) concerning whether the teacher’s actions might be viewed differently if she were encouraging Muslim students to act like Christians.


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K-Lo has a nice gotcha on Sen. Ken Salazar’s statements about Judge Alito. But we already knew he doesn’t have any integrity, didn’t we?

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