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In the Polling Place

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I’m at our local polling place: a lifeguard operations building. Am I electioneering if I say, in this post, that you should vote for Arnold’s propositions?

Better not risk it.

Alito Faculty Advisor: Alito Thinks Roe Was Wrongly Decided

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According to the Daily Princetonian, Judge Alito’s Princeton faculty advisor says that Alito thinks Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided. [UPDATE: Or not. The story now has an appended correction. See the UPDATE below.]


Voting Guide Roundup

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I didn’t have time to do a voting guide this year. But I can point you to Xrlq’s roundup of voting guides. (If you read only one guide on his list, read #10 — Xrlq’s own guide.)

The Power of the Jump™: Church Risks Tax-Exempt Status for Opposing War . . . and Every Other Bush Policy Under the Sun

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(Note: “The Power of the Jump”™ is a semi-regular feature of this site, documenting examples of the Los Angeles Times’s use of its back pages to hide information that its editors don’t want you to see.)

This is a story about how tax cuts make baby Jesus cry. But the L.A. Times wants you to believe it’s all about a church being punished for promoting peace and good will among men.


That Rational Risky Sex

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Todd Zywicki links to a study about parental notification laws, which has an abstract that begins in this amusing fashion:

Laws requiring minors to seek parental consent or to notify a parent prior to obtaining an abortion raise the cost of risky sex for teenagers. Assuming choices to engage in risky sex are made rationally, parental involvement laws should lead to less risky sex among teens, either because of a reduction of sexual activity altogether or because teens will be more fastidious in the use of birth control ex ante.

This is reminiscent of the old economist joke:

A physicist, a chemist and an economist are stranded on an island, with nothing to eat. A can of soup washes ashore. The physicist says, “Let’s smash the can open with a rock.” The chemist says, “Let’s build a fire and heat the can first.” The economist says, “Let’s assume that we have a can-opener…”

Then the three of them engage in risky sex. Rationally, I assume.

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