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Protein Wisdom: Dick Cheney’s Speech and Talking Oatmeal

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Jeff Goldstein has a nice post extensively quoting from, and commenting on, Cheney’s excellent speech on criticism of the war. And if you don’t like that post, you can read the post before that, in which he imagines what oatmeal would say if it could talk.

How Buckhead Knew

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Power Line links to an an explanation by Buckhead of how he noticed that the Killian documents were forged. And in a blast from the past, here is my post in which I quoted Buckhead’s first non-Free Republic explanation of the incident.

Nominate Patterico for a Nobel Peace Prize

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If you are a professor, judge, or legislator, then I want to hear from you. I want you to nominate Patterico for a Nobel Peace Prize.

I’m dead serious about this.


“Liberal Avenger”: Dishonest

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This is a follow-up to my post yesterday about Michelle Malkin. From what I can tell, the main guy who has been going around claiming that Malkin’s husband is really the one who writes her blog is an anonymous liberal (funny how often personal charges and attacks come from anonymous people) who calls himself the “Liberal Avenger.” Over on Xrlq’s blog, Liberal Avenger shows why he has such a poor reputation for credibility in the blogosphere, with a comment that contains the following false accusation:

P.S. Why did Jesse Malkin savagely beat a student photographer who tried to take his picture? That’s behavior one could only describe as being unhinged.

Savagely beat, eh? The funny thing is, if you actually bother to follow the link to see the description of how Jesse Malkin allegedly “savagely beat” someone, you find that the sum total of the violence attributed to Malkin is this: “He grabbed my arm and tried to grab my camera . . .”

That, to Liberal Avenger, is a savage beating: grabbing someone’s arm. Oh, the horror!

(And this is assuming that you believe the account of the incident in question to begin with.)

As I said in my own comment to Liberal Avenger, the only savage beating going on here is the one his credibility takes every time he taps on his keyboard.

Alito Well Within Mainstream

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Stuart Taylor has a good essay on whether Samuel Alito is truly outside the mainstream. Not that being inside some national mainstream is or should be a primary criterion for Supreme Court Justice. Still, we should keep all discussions factual, and Taylor helps us to do that.

On Vacation

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I am on vacation this week and blogging may be light. Guest bloggers should consider themselves unleashed.

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