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L.A. Times Wikitorial Defaced with Porn

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It turns out that the reason the L.A. Times wikitorial came down was because some people were defacing it with pornographic pictures.

Too bad. Some are calling the experiment a failure. Some are saying that the wiki platform is not the best way to achieve interactivity with the paper’s readers. Some are saying: maybe it is, but not when used with editorials. And some are saying that starting the experiment with an editorial about the war — one of the most emotional topics you could pick — was a tactical mistake.

To me, the important thing is that the newspaper tried being truly interactive with its readers. This is a Good Thing. Interactivity carries with it perils: trolls, spammers, and just general assholes. Bloggers already know this.

But it’s worth it. The precise mechanism isn’t the key — for example, some blogs without comments are very interactive, but they use links and e-mails to maintain their connection with other sites. The key is the desire to have interactivity, and the boldness to pursue it even though many will be eager to pronounce the experiment a failure.

So, I salute Michael Kinsley and the others at The Times involved with this project. This is not a failure. It’s a beginning. The enterprise is worth it. Keep it up.

Michael Schiavo’s Latest: Using Terri Schiavo’s Gravestone to Take a Dig at Her Parents

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There is no evidence that Michael Schiavo is a murderer. There is ample evidence that he is scum. Apparently having failed in his efforts to hide his wife’s remains from her parents, he has done the next best thing. Despite the existence of a court order that he inform the Schindlers of any memorial service, he held the memorial service without informing them, and decorated her gravestone with an inscription specifically designed to serve as a figurative thumb in the Schindlers’ eye, every time they come to visit their daughter:


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