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More on that Slanted LAT Coverage of Bush’s Speech

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Don’t miss the updates to my post from this morning. A little comparison of the L.A. Times‘s portrayal of recent polls, compared to actual data as provided by the Washington Post, is very revealing.

I Never Thought I’d See the “Day”

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Eugene Volokh reports, quite accurately, that Sandra O’Connor is retiring.

UPDATE: The cruelty started with Howard Bashman.

L.A. Times on That Shifting and Retooling

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This morning, the L.A. Times continues to push its pet myth that President Bush hardly said a word about democracy in Iraq until after we failed to find stockpiles of WMD. Moreover, the paper accuses Bush of shifting and retooling his rhetoric, when Bush has been consistent in arguing that we must prevent Iraq from becoming a safe haven for terrorists. The paper is predictably defeatist in attitude, no doubt revealing the anti-war biases of those involved in covering the speech.


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