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Dafydd: Won’t You Go Home Bill Bailey

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I should stay away from Drudge. I know I should. But it’s an addiction.

Clinton adds voice to criticism of Guantánamo prison
by Lionel Barber and Paul Taylor in New York
The Financial Times
Published: June 19 2005 23:53 | Last updated: June 20 2005 00:17

Bill Clinton has become the most prominent figure so far to add his voice to criticisms of the US prison camp at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba.

In an interview with the Financial Times, the former president called for the camp, set up to hold suspected terrorists, to “be closed down or cleaned up”….

Mr Clinton joined critics at home and abroad who have singled out the indefinite detention of prisoners without trial and widespread reports of human rights violations at Guantánamo. “It is time that there are no more stories coming out of there about people being abused,” he said….

Mr Clinton said uniformed US military personnel had been “very outspoken” about abuses at Guantánamo and elsewhere.

Aren’t you glad this guy left office?

Don’t you wish he finally would?

Dafydd: Yet Another Diplomatic Disaster From the Bush War Machine

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…Or so sayeth the sages at the Associated Press:

Bush Remarks May Have Spurred Iran Voters
Jun 19, 4:20 PM (ET)
By Brian Murphy

[We skip several lines to rejoin our story, already in progress.]

The sharp barbs from President Bush were widely seen in Iran as damaging to pro-reform groups because the comments appeared to have boosted turnout among hard-liners in Friday’s election – with the result being that an ultraconservative now is in a two-way showdown for the presidency.

So our premise here is that, but for the clumsy and thuggish attacks by Bush, the reformers would have won the day, capturing control of Iran from what that redneck in La Casa Blanca calls the “Moolahs.” Why, were it not for the savage, bitter mockery and “ridicule” that Bush heaped upon the Iranian election, the “result” would have been two other guys winning besides hard Hashemi Rafsanjani and harder Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. What a blunder! We could have had Ibrahim Lincolnjani.


Happy Father’s Day

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My gift is here:


See-Dubya: An alternative to guest bloggers (BUMPED)

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(NOTE: This was originally posted a couple days back when I thought the lease ran out Thursday.)

Patterico will be back in the house full time pretty soon, and Daf ab, the Clam, and I will be sent on our merry way. I am a rootless blog hobo, a blog ronin, a blogabond, without a blog to call my own, but I have wangled a standing summer-long invitation to post over at The Jawa Report. Those of you who have enjoyed my prissy moralizing and “Just Say No!” anti-marijuana finger-wagging, my brimstone imprecations against online gambling, and my tearful altar calls over all fourteen verses of “Just As I Am”, will find more of the same appearing intermittently thereon until Jawa proprietor “Dr. Rusty Shackleford” kicks me out–or until he is succesful in his ongoing project to have a fatwa declared against him and the jihadis blow him up. (I’ll also, of course, continue to bust out the flag-waving, terrorist-whoopin’, pro-Bolton, UN-bashing, pro-cop, anti-idiotarian, Bush-boosting, rogue-state-wrasslin’ rhetoric and analysis which have made “See-Dubya” a household name in at least one household.)

Thanks to all of you who have read and commented on my posts, and thanks to my gracious host, the beautiful, the talented, the Patterico, whom I hope will call on me again should the need arise, and not go with one of these.

All right Pearl, fire up that Wurlitzer and let’s have one more chorus…Just as I am, without one plea

New York Times: Jesus is a Myth

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At the New York Times, they apparently believe that Jesus was a mythical figure. Captain’s Quarters has the details.

Go with the Excitement and Energy, Dude. Please . . .

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The Washington Post reports that “outside advisers to the White House believe the main candidates [for the Supreme Court] are federal appeals Judges John G. Roberts and J. Michael Luttig and possibly Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales.”

Regarding Gonzales, the article says:

Yet several people familiar with his thinking said Gonzales prefers the excitement and energy of the executive branch and does not yearn for a lifetime appointment to the slower-paced high court. “I know he’s ambivalent about the prospect,” said one person who has spoken with Gonzales. “This is not something he dreams of.”

Join the crowd.

Last Day for Guest Bloggers

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I’m kicking the guest bloggers off today. Thanks to Dafydd, See-Dubya, and the Clam.

I asked them to fill in while I was on vacation in Hilton Head, and extended the invitation for two weeks because I was studying for a promotional exam. Now that I’m done, the time has come for them to say goodbye.

There has been something a little addictive about logging in to my site and seeing new and interesting posts that I didn’t have to put up. And I know that the readers here, like me, have all enjoyed the excellent writing and keen insights these fellows have provided.

Like any addiction, part of me wants to keep it going. But ultimately, I don’t want this site to be a group blog. It’s mine, all mine! So, beginning tomorrow, you’re stuck with just me again. Sorry.

See-Dubya will be at The Jawa Report during the summer. And one of these days, Dafydd is going to finally finish his own site. Clam (who doesn’t post much anyway) has a standing invitation to post here on occasion. I’m going to extend that to See-Dubya and Dafydd. Don’t throw away your passwords. If you have something you really want to post here, feel free.

And thanks again for helping me out.

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