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Bainbridge-Patterico Debate on Kelo and its Effect on the Coalition of the Chillin’

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This weekend, Professor Bainbridge and I have had a pleasant and spirited debate about the Kelo decision, and whether it ought to cause the members of the Coalition of the Chillin’ to reconsider their membership. I thought it would be useful to collect the links to our posts on the issue in one place.

Professor Bainbridge aroused my interest with a post titled The Party that Says No.

My opening salvo was Professor Bainbridge: Another Defector from the Coalition of the Chillin’??.

Professor Bainbridge responded with Patterico’s Peeved.

I came right back with my Response to Bainbridge.

And the Good Professor provided the final post with an alliterative article titled Patterico’s Persistent.

(I have a short response to that last post, in an update to the Response to Bainbridge post.)

An enjoyable debate. I hope other Coalition members will take note and get involved in the discussion.

Quick Links

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Some quick Sunday links:

Paul Winchell, the voice of Tigger, has died. Ta-ta for now!

The ubiquitous Greg Packer has been reduced to being quoted in a North Jersey Herald & News story about Christian superhero “Bibleman.” “I’m finding myself enjoying it,” Packer says.

Michelle Malkin busts the dude who made the movie Super-Size Me. Turns out he’s doing a new documentary whose conclusion has been determined before it was even made. Hard to believe, I know.

I had totally missed the fact that Power Line published Kerry’s Form 180s.

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