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Michael Schiavo’s Latest: Using Terri Schiavo’s Gravestone to Take a Dig at Her Parents

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There is no evidence that Michael Schiavo is a murderer. There is ample evidence that he is scum. Apparently having failed in his efforts to hide his wife’s remains from her parents, he has done the next best thing. Despite the existence of a court order that he inform the Schindlers of any memorial service, he held the memorial service without informing them, and decorated her gravestone with an inscription specifically designed to serve as a figurative thumb in the Schindlers’ eye, every time they come to visit their daughter:

“I kept my promise.” And note the day she “departed this earth”: the date of her collapse. See, Schindlers? During that entire time you thought you had a daughter worth saving, you had a corpse.

Translation: every time you come to visit your daughter, remember: I won.

Michael Schiavo is using Terri Schiavo’s gravestone to take a dig at her parents.

What a petty, self-absorbed, bitter, utterly classless twit. But it’s no surprise — it’s part of a pattern. With Michael Schiavo, it’s always about him.

P.S. Xrlq wonders why Schiavo’s defenders have been so silent about this despite the passage of several hours since the story broke. Me, I’m not asking that question. I prefer it that way, since I have no doubt that if they broke their silence, they would find a way to defend even this.

I have disabled comments for this post. If you really want to comment on this, head to Xrlq’s place, linked above. He has comments enabled.

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