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Response to Bainbridge

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I want a nice, juicy sirloin steak on my plate tonight. No tofu or soy substitutes — just a nice, thick, 16-oz. slab of steak. But I don’t want any animal to be killed in the process. That’s my position and I’m sticking with it. I have my principles.

Does my position make any sense? No — but it makes about as much sense as Professor Bainbridge’s position on judges.

In response to the recent Kelo decision, Bainbridge insisted that President Bush nominate a staunch conservative to the Supreme Court:

As the recent Kelo decision illustrates, it will be essential that President Bush pick somebody reliably – and permanently – conservative when he has the chance to fill a Supreme Court vacancy.

What’s more, Bainbridge doesn’t want Democrats involved in the selection process:

Bush should just say: “Sorry guys, but the GOP won the Presidency, the Senate, and the House. It’s our turn to choose.”

Bold words. Especially coming from a guy who wants the Democrats to be able to filibuster Bush’s judicial nominees.


Dafydd: The Fuse Is Lit

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Invoking my right to post very occasional thoughts on this wonderful board — and secure in the knowledge that Patterico can easily delete any post if he thinks that “extraordinary circumstances” do not prevail — I do want to put this up.

People have long predicted a revolution in Iran. We have noted for a long time that about 70% (or more) of the population of Iran is below the age of 35, and that these people — who have little memory of any life other than that provided by the mullahs on the Guardian Council or by Khomeini himself, are profoundly dissatisfied with the religious strictures of this theocracy. They also tend to be very pro-American for not entirely explicable reasons… though perhaps it’s a reaction against the extreme anti-Americanism of the mullahs they love to hate. And for years, people have predicted that the students will lead a revolution that will eventually overthrow the theocratic rulers.


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