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Dafydd: You Must Remember This

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We heard endlessly after the Jackson verdict that no, celebrity had nothing to do with it; the jurors understood how troubling was his behavior around little boys, and they probably believed that he had indeed been guilty of molestation in the earlier case — the one where he paid off the accuser — but that there just wasn’t quite enough evidence to convict in this case.

I was skeptical, as you may remember. Today I wake up, look at Drudge, and am greeted with this AP story:

Juror Attends Jackson Family’s Big Party
Jun 18, 9:26 AM (ET)
by Linda Deutsch

SANTA YNEZ, Calif. (AP) – Michael Jackson’s family and fans – and at least one of the jurors who acquitted him of child molestation – gathered Friday night for a huge party that was billed as a celebration of thanks….

Among the approximately 400 people who arrived at the Chumash Indian Casino was juror Pauline Coccoz. When she walked into the casino and heard Jackson’s music playing, Coccoz said, the enormity of what had transpired hit her.

“They were playing ‘Beat It,’ and I almost started to cry,” she said as she waited to enter the showroom.

(Somehow, the misused word I emphasized above seems more apt than what AP meant to say.)

After running through a typically breezy description of the bash, Ms. Deutsch returns to Juror Coccoz:

Coccoz said that when someone gave her the wristbands she decided to bring her family [!], partly as a public display of her confidence in the jury’s verdict.

After the trial ended Monday, Coccoz, 45, was among the jurors who criticized the testimony of the accuser’s mother. Coccoz also questioned the woman’s parenting choices.

“What mother in her right mind would … just freely volunteer your child to sleep with someone, and not so much Michael Jackson but anyone, for that matter?” Coccoz said Monday.

Darn that mother! She should have known better than to let her kid get within seventy feet of Michael Jackson’s bed! It’s all her fault, not Michael’s, if anything happened.

The King himself couldn’t be bothered to show; perhaps he was in the midst of his own private celebration elsewhere. Pity… he missed his chance to give Ms. Coccoz a kiss and a nice, framed autograph as a memento of the “enormity” whose ending, in which she played such an integral part, moved the woman so much.

I am one of the most optimistic guys I know about the future of civilization. But some days it’s more difficult than others.

7 Responses to “Dafydd: You Must Remember This”

  1. 1. Agreed. The celebrities dont’ get convicted any more (See 3rd party of my series coming soon).

    2. Here is my 3-part series:


    Audience says, “hillarious, cool, hot, weird, cute, funny, wow.”

    Comments are not compensated, but highly appreciated

    Enjoy the weekend.

    David (03f14c)

  2. Jackson Juror Attends His Acquittal Party

    From Patterico….
    This kind of thing just does NOT make you feel comfortable about the result of the trial: A juror in the Michael Jackson trial apparently attended his stay-out-of-jail party at the Chumash Casino near Santa Ynez.

    Democracy Market (59ce3a)

  3. I would like to think that Coccoz didn’t mean what it sounds like she meant with the ‘what mother in her right mind…’ comment.
    I would like to think that she meant the question as rhetorical, i.e.
    Rhetorical question: What mother in her right mind would really do the things this mother claimed she did?
    Assumed answer: No mother would do this, so the mother must have been lying in an attempt to extort money.

    Sigh. That’s what I would like to think.

    DeputyHeadmistress (e71725)

  4. There are many reports recently of jurors profiting from their decisions. In certain cases, jurors have been hired as consultants after the trial by the lawyer whose side they supported.

    Do you think this is a problem, and if so, what do you think should be done about it?

    LTEC (d0224e)

  5. There’s a moratorium on jurors’ being compensated with respect to their service; I think it’s a couple of months or so. I’d like to see it extended to parties with either side. Things like this, or the jurors attending the O.J. party, are repulsive — and contribute to the impression that the jurors were indeed wowed by Jackson’s celebrity, their denials notwithstanding.

    Patterico (756436)

  6. I was particularly impressed that Juror Cocopuffs made such a point about the sort of mother who would let her children get so close to Jackson… and then she brought her family to the party to meet him. I wonder… does she have any little boys, 8-10 years old?


    Dafydd (df2f54)

  7. It’s really a shame that the media doesn’t report accurate news. It appears that “malicious twist” are added to stories for the power of the ol’ mighty dollar!And the Jackson Trial was about that!The power of the ol’ mighty dollar! After sitting through months of testimony, extorsion was evident, but not how the media was portraying the truth. And for the media who sat in that court room day after day, shamed on them for not reporting the truth to the people! Thank God our justice system allows the truth to be told! As for that ridiculous story of my attending the Jackson Bash, (who was that malicious reporter?)my husband and I (not my family)went to the Casino event on an hours notice. A friend who works at the casino told me wrist bands were available at the Neverland gate for the asking. I live 10 minutes away from the ranch as well as the Casino. I went to the Casino to have some fun after a long and stressfull 4-1/2 months. (Oh and by the way, children aren’t allowed into the casino.)
    We listened to Tito Jackson for about half and hour, whom like the rest of the Jackson’s, is very talented, went into the casino to play a few slots and went home. I did meet some very nice people that actually thanked me for aquitting Michael Jackson.
    If only the rest of the world would see the truth.
    Pauline Coccoz-Juror #10

    Pauline Coccoz (1f8507)

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