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Allah on McCarthy

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Our friend Allah, as his name suggests, is everywhere. He is perhaps the most plugged-in blogger on the planet, and regularly tips off top bloggers (and sometimes me as well) to important and interesting stories. Without tips from Allah, Jeff Goldstein’s blog would be nothing but haikus about Ted Kennedy’s melon head, and Ace would have little left but lesbian cheerleader references. I’d still read their blogs, but they’d be much less politically relevant.

Anyway, my point is, Allah is really plugged in, and he has done a roundup of the revelations about Mary McCarthy (h/t Malkin), which are still pretty much a Blogosphere Exclusive at this point. (For example, the L.A. Times, after running a story about McCarthy that was stunning for what it left out, has failed to do a follow-up to include the details about McCarthy’s (and Dana Priest’s) partisanship. That failure continues to this day.)

So, to stay on top of things, you need the blogosphere. Anyone who remembers Allah’s incredible roundups from the Rathergate days will rush to click on his summary.

It’s good to have him back.

P.S. The stuff I said about Goldstein and Ace is not entirely true. I’m teasing them because they may have me on their next Internet radio show, and I’m just trying to antagonize them a little so they’ll do an appropriately tough interview.

21 Responses to “Allah on McCarthy”

  1. Thanks again, Patterico. You’re too kind. As for Ace and Jeff, not only don’t they need any help from me to be politically relevant, but the truth is … I’m the one who’s been sending Ace those lesbian cheerleader links. Strictly for research purposes, of course.

    Are you going to be on today’s radio show? Let me know and I’ll link.

    Allahpundit (4ba106)

  2. As for Ace and Jeff, not only don’t they need any help from me to be politically relevant . . .

    Yeah, but they’re fun to tease.

    It looks like I may be on the show today. As long as Ace promises not to come on to me.

    Patterico (156eed)

  3. Is this the first radio spot you’re doing about Hiltzik’s sock puppets? Have any reporters contacted you directly yet?

    Allahpundit (4ba106)

  4. Thanks for the link to Allah – someone I have neglected.
    FYI, we have A Reporter’s Confession today, from our News Junkie. I think he nails it.
    Reporters are frustrated people, with strong opinions – or they would be doing something else.

    Bird Dog (71415b)

  5. Oh. Then I blame Allah for the recent paucity of lesbian cheerleader references at Ace’s.

    Dan Collins (208fbe)

  6. Patterico,

    As long as Ace doesn’t call you “pork chop” you’re safe.

    If you are on today, tell my boys I said hello. I sorta consider myself their conscience and they are my guilty pleasure. (so to speak)


    Rightwingsparkle (934a68)

  7. Allah is Karl Rove’s handpuppet. Of course he’s wired in better! Duh!
    Not that that’s a bad thing.

    Lew Clark (03be83)

  8. Sockpuppet

    Lew Clark (03be83)

  9. Michelle Malkin is ugly, annoying, and worst of all, mind-numbingly boring. And I’m a conservative! Doesn’t she have a real job? Or does her husband work his butt off every day so she can fart around on her computer and with her video camera? It takes real skill to be a racial minority in America today and want to get on TV SOOOOO badly…but not have anyone hire you. It takes a special kind of “suck” to achieve that – one that Michelle Malkin has attained with her annoying delivery and ridiculous facial contortions.

    LM (d8906b)

  10. Troll

    Black Jack (d8da01)

  11. LM–

    Please link to your picture so that we can compare with Malkin. You’ve already got her beat on annoying.

    Dan Collins (208fbe)

  12. By the way, LM, if you’re writing from the LAT, you might think about logging in from somewhere else on a different account.

    Dan Collins (208fbe)

  13. I wonder who sabotaged the comments to the previous topic? Maybe one of Hiltzik’s sockpuppets learned a new skill?

    PCD (fd056b)

  14. He … regularly tips off top bloggers (and sometimes me as well)

    You’re a “top blogger” to us Patterico, even if you’re just a mere “deputy” district attorney.

    Andrew (e5a487)

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  16. So if a Democrat said it, it must be untrue, eh Patterico? Attacks on McCarthy’s party affiliation are just pure de ol’ ad hominem.

    At what point would you say that it would be a good thing to leak classified information? There must be a point at which you would say that they weren’t just leaking classified information, but reporting a crime. To me, these secret prisons are an abomination. We hated Russia for the same thing, didn’t we?

    Psyberian (dd13d6)

  17. Psyberian–

    Apparently, so secret that they don’t exist, apart from an opportunity to sting credulous morons within the IG, which is where such violations are supposed to be reported.

    The point is, you moron, that private individuals, no matter what branch of the ‘permanent government’ they work for, are not at liberty to decide what is public and what privileged information. I suppose that you believe that the folks who brought off 9/11 are political dissidents whom we are subjecting to hard labor at the gulag. Numbnuts. If our system were as the Soviets was, a) Canada’s Northwest Territories would be part of the US, b) you’d be there, you dolt.

    Dan Collins (8b6bc2)

  18. Dan,

    Please tone it down.

    Patterico (156eed)

  19. Dan, I think that calling someone “numbnuts” is a getting awfully close to committing an ad hominem argument too.

    So Dan, Bush could behead people left and right and as long as it is classified information, it is okie-dokie by you. How absurd.

    Psyberian (dd13d6)

  20. Psyberian–

    Sorry for having characterized you that way, but please point to the evidence regarding the beheadings. You don’t have any? That must be because it’s secret.

    What about the evidence that the Zionist cabal is responsible for 9/11? Secret, too.

    Cannibalism amongst undersupplied troops in Afghanistan? Secret.

    Plans to nuke Iran? So secret that only speculating journos know about it.

    How absurd.

    Dan Collins (ac7009)

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