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Help a brother out

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[A post by See-Dubya]

Jeff Harrell has a post up about a great cause. Sort of a combination WPA-Habitat for Humanity thing for Iraq, but that helps out with schools, too. Please help him out if you can.

–See Dub

Quote Quiz – April Fool’s Edition

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[Posted by Xrlq]

If you’re into quote quizzes, today’s is here.

— Xrlq

Scott Peterson Wants His Wife’s Watch, and Other Things

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[Posted by SoCalLawyer]

Scott Peterson has posted a reward for information leading to the conviction of the “real killer” and the return of his wife’s watch. Wonder if he has looked in the mirror recently?


One of My Favorite Punch Lines

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Punch lines can be fun, and funny, all by themselves. People who heard the joke are quickly reminded of the humor — and people who haven’t, get to guess what the joke was that led to the punch line.

Here is the punch line to one of my favorite jokes:

“No, you don’t understand. ‘Chunks’ is my dog.”

Feel free to put your favorite punch lines in the comments.

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