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No Double Standard Here!

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Tom Maguire links a Howard Kurtz quote in which Howie says that McCarthy’s campaign contributions are “[a]bsolutely relevant information.”

Yet the L.A. Times has reported not one word of this absolutely relevant information, since their initial article on Saturday.

Maybe the L.A. Times agrees with another Washington Post staff writer, Dafna Linzer, who justified the Post‘s decision to omit mention of McCarthy’s donations with this:

But we are living in partisan times and people want a partisan, political motive and explanation for everything. I don’t think that’s reasonable.

(Via Stephen Spruell.)

Exactly. Newspapers like Linzer’s Washington Post, or my hometown L.A. Times, simply don’t need to report campaign donations from controversial figures making politically charged allegations. For example, when the Swift Vets made their allegations, I don’t remember the L.A. Times running a story about John O’Neill’s political contributions. Do you?

Oh, right. That story.

P.S. Allah tries to make sense of the confusion regarding whether Mary McCarthy was the source for the “secret prisons” leaks.

UPDATE: The Commissar has a graphical “web of connections” between Democrats and McCarthy. It reminds me of another “web of connections” I once saw, with two differences: 1) the other “web of connections” purported to show Swift Vet ties to Republicans, and 2) it didn’t appear on some conservative blog, but in the New York Times.

Nope, no double standard here!

Kurtz: Tony Snow Accepts White House Press Secretary Position

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In tomorrow’s Washington Post, Howard Kurtz will report that Tony Snow has decided to accept the White House Press Secretary position — contingent only on positive results from a CAT scan, showing no recurrence of cancer. [UPDATE: And, via Xrlq, we have word that Snow has a clean bill of health. Excellent.]

I think it’s a great choice. He’ll do a much better job than Scott McClellan did. And I’m not just saying that because Tony once praised my blog.

UPDATE: A great quote from the Kurtz piece:

In a December 2000 column in the Washington Times, he referred to “Democrats and journalists (but I repeat myself).”

Heh. By the way, does Howard Kurtz seem to be everywhere lately, or is it just me?

Patterico on Ace’s and Goldstein’s “Hoist the Black Flag” Radio Show

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You can listen by going here and clicking on the Hoist the Black Flag icon. It’s on at 5 after the hour every hour for the next 20 hours or so.

Ace held up his end of the bargain and didn’t come on to me — at least during the show.

Tell me what you think.

Well, This Should be Interesting

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[Posted by The Angry Clam]

I know that Patterico’s Hiltzik posts have been all the rage lately, and rightly so. However, I thought people would be interested in something slightly different. Someone in Illinois recently decided it would be fun to use the state legislature to start impeachment proceedings against President Bush.

Apparently, California is in on the bandwagon.

My first thought is “way to go guys, in an election year with faltering GOP turnout numbers, you’ve managed to come up with something that will immediately send Republicans to the polls.”

My second thought was “Oh, Paul Koretz, the poster child for my delight in term limits.” He’s a Dennis Kucinich-like nutball Assemblyman from West Hollywood, and he seems to delight in introducing bills that are off the wall, even for California Democrats.

Great job, guys. From a straight-ticket Republican voter, I salute you.

– The Angry Clam

Allah on McCarthy

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Our friend Allah, as his name suggests, is everywhere. He is perhaps the most plugged-in blogger on the planet, and regularly tips off top bloggers (and sometimes me as well) to important and interesting stories. Without tips from Allah, Jeff Goldstein’s blog would be nothing but haikus about Ted Kennedy’s melon head, and Ace would have little left but lesbian cheerleader references. I’d still read their blogs, but they’d be much less politically relevant.

Anyway, my point is, Allah is really plugged in, and he has done a roundup of the revelations about Mary McCarthy (h/t Malkin), which are still pretty much a Blogosphere Exclusive at this point. (For example, the L.A. Times, after running a story about McCarthy that was stunning for what it left out, has failed to do a follow-up to include the details about McCarthy’s (and Dana Priest’s) partisanship. That failure continues to this day.)

So, to stay on top of things, you need the blogosphere. Anyone who remembers Allah’s incredible roundups from the Rathergate days will rush to click on his summary.

It’s good to have him back.

P.S. The stuff I said about Goldstein and Ace is not entirely true. I’m teasing them because they may have me on their next Internet radio show, and I’m just trying to antagonize them a little so they’ll do an appropriately tough interview.

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