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Court Dismisses Charges Against Culpepper Over Boat Party Sex Scandal

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Quarterback Daunte Culpepper was cleared Tuesday of misdemeanor charges stemming from a boat-party sex scandal.

A judge ruled there wasn’t probable cause to determine a crime was committed by Culpepper, one of four Minnesota Vikings accused of misdemeanor lewd conduct during the cruise last fall on a suburban lake. Culpepper has since been traded to the Miami Dolphins last month.

Culpepper issued a statement through the Dolphins saying he was “delighted” at the ruling.

(Yahoo! News, Apr. 5, 2006, “Charges dismissed against Culpepper in boat party scandal.”)

SoCal Lawyer

Eric Muller: Asshat?

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Why, yes. Yes, he is. (‘Hat tip to Xrlq, who has an excellent post title.)

P.S. Muller employed almost identical “logic” in the first part of his “devastating” takedown of Michelle’s book on the Japanese internment (a policy I disagree with, but not because of anything Eric Muller has ever said).

Asshat then; asshat now.

UPDATE: Muller now admits his accusation was unfounded. His ungracious apology is here.

How Did Dave Miss This?

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Quite possibly the ultimate Garfield Ridge story showed up at Red State on April 1st, under this headline:

Yog-Sothoth Freed from Pentagon
Women, minorities hardest hit

Top notch parody. Dave, son, you’re slipping.

Soda Blogging

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This post at Ace of Spades about Kosher Coke, and the second comment on it by Right Wing Sparkle, reminded me that there was a great article about that in the Wall Street Journal a while back–a lot of the coke in the Latino markets is bootlegged in from Mexico. Not bootlegged in the sense of it being illegal, but that it violates exclusivity agreements between Coke and its distributors. I’d find and link the article, but it’s behind a subscription firewall by now.

It’s stupid because there’s a huge demand for it, and Coke is playing coy and not only not meeting the demand, but paying big money actively cracking down on those who sell it and especially on those who sneak it out of the Mexican warehouses. Why they don’t just introduce a new product line, I don’t understand. (Commenters: what should Coca Cola call Mexican Coke?) Meanwhile they’re trying to build a new bunch of customers from scratch for brands like “Vault” and “Diet Cherry Vanilla Coke”.

As for the delicious sugar-based Kosher Coke Laura W. is posting about, it is a sore temptation. I gave up carbonated beverages for Lent, but I may have to lay up a few bottles in my soda cellar.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I got a Coca-Cola Scholarship my freshman year in college, just so you know. So I don’t want Cathy Seipp coming in here and busting my butt and calling me dishonest for failing to disclose that fact or anything.

UPDATE: I must say they’re doing a reasonable job promoting “Vault”. Go here and click on “Scarecrow”.

UPDATE II: Rightwingsparkle came up with “Guestworker Coke”. That’s gonna be hard to beat. Maybe they’ll introduce “Pepnesti” to compete.

–See Dubya


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It ain’t a new insight, not by a far sight, but add me to the list of scribblers suggesting that the Katie Couric news suggests that television news has just jumped the shark.

Don’t blame Ms. Couric. She is only exploiting the opening that has been given her. She is only guilty of overreaching, which is the most common sin in the media world, maybe in the human species.

No, blame the decision makers at the network hiring her away. The program they develop for their nightly news slot will have to be tailored for her talents, such as they are. But whatever goes out on the air will be as far from network nightly news as Oprah is from Jim Lehrer. And I am willing to bet that the show will appeal to the same anxious, hypochondriacal audience that laps up the thin gruel of Today.

Saying that, I realize the Couric News may well be be a vast TELEVISION success, just as Oprah is. Just don’t expect much substantive content from it. No policy wonks will appear and the talking heads will tear up regularly over injustice, untreated malady and unprosecuted child abuse.

I didn’t know that sharks could swim in such shallow waters.

Posted by Guest Blogger Evan Maxwell, who has had it up to his chin with shallow lightweights.

All My Rowdy Friends Are In Lockdown

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Hank Williams Jr. makes inappropriate comments and chokes a waitress? Say it ain’t so!

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