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More On Hiltzik Coming

Filed under: Dog Trainer — Patterico @ 8:06 pm

I’ve got plenty more to say about Michael Hiltzik’s latest broadside against me. What I published yesterday was just what I could fit on my Treo. Once I get back to my desktop, I’ll give a more conclusive refutation of his latest anti-Patterico diatribe. It’s clear that 1) he can’t take criticism without lashing out in a personal and nasty way, and 2) he’s not totally straight with his readers.

I know some of my readers think I should just ignore the guy. But since he does have the bully pulpit of the local rag, I think it’s worthwhile to take him on when he tries to flim-flam folks.

More to come.

Spoof of Cathy Seipp’s Blog

Filed under: Blogging Matters,Humor — Patterico @ 9:44 am

If you read Cathy Seipp’s blog, you’ll be amused by this clever spoof. Half the fun (more than half, actually) lies in reading the comments, which are part of the joke.

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