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Metaphor Alert

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Taking aim at the other foot…

[discharged by See-Dubya]

12 Responses to “Metaphor Alert”

  1. This mother@#$%ing @##hole was “making a drug education presentation” playing with a loaded gun in front of children? He needs a bullet in the back of the head, not in the foot. For crying out loud.

    nk (d5dd10)

  2. I have no idea how mother@#$%ing turned into a link.

    nk (d5dd10)

  3. It’s a “mailto” link, too. I’ll let you know if anyone responds.

    (I expect WordPress saw the @ sign in the middle and figured you meant it to be an e-mail address…let’s see: w@rdpress.)

    update–yep, that’s it.

    See Dubya (2d09bf)

  4. You know what is really sad?

    He’ll win.

    Jeff (fccab8)

  5. Say,
    Can he be charged with child endangerment or something like that?

    paul (464e99)

  6. Paul, Comment #5:

    As a pretty well-educated guess, no. He was a federal agent on duty. Immune from state criminal or civil prosecution. Discipline under DEA rules or whatever federal official misconduct statute there is, yes. I don’t know why he wasn’t relegated to desk duty and his gun permit taken away at the very least. The sentence in his complaint “the firearm discharged” really takes the cake. Remember the scene in “Clockers” where the police ask the little boy where he got the gun with which he killed the junkie and he says, “I borrowed it by accident”?

    nk (50d578)

  7. At least this guy didn’t shoot his friend in the face with a shotgun!

    Psyberian (dd13d6)

  8. Psyberian, #7:

    He shot himself. Who says there’s no God? Your point is not bad as you intend it to be. Whenever you handle a gun carelessly, you are a potential murderer. I will argue with you not so much about the kind but of the degree of negligence. You have a loaded gun in the presence of others during quail hunting — that’s a given. What is a loaded gun doing in a classroom full of children?

    nk (6361d5)

  9. First the di**head handles a loaded gun in a room full of kids and shoots himself, then he wants to show off a rifle.

    Brain donor.

    John from WuzzaDem (dfd3ae)

  10. Duck!

    “Now, only a trained law enforcement officer like myself should handle one of these babies.” Yyyyyyeaaah…you might want to clear the room. H/T: See-Dubya

    WuzzaDem (72c8fd)

  11. I sense a new drinking game coming on. For the next three years, whenever there’s a blog post about some doofus screwing up with a gun, somebody will make some Cheney-related “joke” and congratulate himself on his wit.

    McGehee (5664e1)

  12. I’ve linked this post too, brilliantly of course, but I don’t know #$%^ about Trackback.

    nk (57e995)

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