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New House

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We ended up getting a contract on a different house from the one we were originally going to buy. It’s in the exact same neighborhood, but it’s more what we were looking for. Here is the view from the kitchen, in a photo taken by Mrs. P. during the inspection:

27 Responses to “New House”

  1. Magnificient is an under statement. Some people are really lucky :-) Enjoy !

    Yi Ling (dd458e)

  2. Wow. Amazing.

    What is this place going to cost you, roughly?

    [I’d rather not say. If we were first-time buyers we could never have afforded it. Luckily, we bought a condo in Marina del Rey several years back, which has appreciated significantly. Even with that boost, we’ll have to be on a tight budget. — Patterico]

    Keith (993cbf)

  3. Great view. I hope to have such a view after the next big one hits your area

    Sign me Jealous in the Central Valley

    Not a Yank (c7be4e)

  4. Caption: …and in this direction, you have a wonderful view of the sky…

    Congratulations, welcome to the street, neighbor.

    Jeff (29f726)

  5. That is a breathtaking view! You and your family will certainly be blessed to have that special spot to call “home”!

    Have you made the move yet? My husband always says he knows God exists for two reasons:

    1. He witnessed the birth of our three children.
    2. On three other occasions, he survived escrow.

    Congratulations and best wishes to you!


    Ann (cc9923)

  6. A million bucks for that?

    Justice Frankfurter (2dcd84)

  7. Why would you want a view of three guys talking? Oh well, maybe the kitchen cupboards make up for it.

    Seriously, enjoy. :)

    ras (f9de13)

  8. Yeah, but now you have to put up with those territorial idiots that throw rocks at non-local surfers at Lunada Bay or Haggerty’s.

    Pat Patterson (5b3946)

  9. What a wonderful view. I thought the view in your last picture was great, but this view is gorgeous. Congratulations and much happiness in your new home.

    DRJ (15ed57)

  10. When did you say your “open house” was? What was it that you wanted me to bring again?

    MD in Philly (b3202e)

  11. The crazy thing is that commenter “Jeff” lives 5 houses down from where we will be living. I’ve already told him that he will be invited to the housewarming party.

    Patterico (4e4b70)

  12. This is just the kitchen? I can just imagine what the rest of the house looks like it that’s just the kitchen.

    Tillman (1cf529)

  13. Living in the city in Mpls, I enjoy great views of one neighbor’s kitchen and the others downstairs bathroom. I lived in Seal Beach on Ocean Blvd for 10 yrs and if I tucked my head in the corner of our back window, I could see approximately one foot of an ocean view.
    Where is this home located? Malibu?

    alexandra morris (a9eb8b)

  14. Rancho Palos Verdes.

    Patterico (806687)

  15. Beautiful!

    alexandra morris (a9eb8b)

  16. […] I picked up the keys to our house this morning. I met my agent at a Starbucks, where I ordered a large (not a “venti”) coffee. We have a lot of work ahead of us today. […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » It’s Official — We Have the Keys (421107)

  17. So happy to see you in your dream house. The view is simply fantastic. Keep up the good work, both in your job and your blog.

    Corky Boyd (a8cc75)

  18. I tried to do a remodel on a house with a view like that. Five bedrooms. Only two bedrooms had a view of the ocean. The other three faced the street. I was one of those 3 plans per tract type of homes. One and a half million dollars and the developer wouldn’t spring for a custom design. After months of fighting the home owners association the owner sold the place and bought a golf course in Florida. The next door neighbor, who had already remodeled his house four times, was the biggest jerk in trying to keep my client from changing his. Hopefully, being a lawyer, Patterico will have more luck if he ever tries to remodel.

    tyree (2b3ede)

  19. Great view, great house I’m sure.

    Great hummingbird feeder. Got one just like it and they swarm like honey bees to it. Hope you love birds, these are my favorites.

    Luke (b7189a)

  20. Oh, that’s beautiful! I hope you and your family are very happy there. It looks like a great family home.

    Oh, and about that tight budget? You can always rent me the spare room on weekends. :)

    Patricia (2cc180)

  21. If you have a spare bedroom, I have a daughter graduating from USC Film School who will be looking for a rental room. I’m serious.

    PCD (86a06e)

  22. Very nice. Was the statue of the three white guys in golf shirts part of the purchase price?

    Perhaps the clarity of the light and the refreshing breeze will have a commensurate effect on your perception of all things political.

    Anyway, congratulations.

    jmaharry (74c3ec)

  23. Congratulations. RPV is very nice. I wish I could purchase my great-grandfather’s house in Santa Monica, but CalTrans won’t sell me that portion of the 10 freeway.

    Californio (5cdb2c)

  24. Hm. Lessee… nice view of Catalina; perched atop a bit of a hill… you did make sure your aquifer will behave itself, yes?? Hate to have you folks suddenly “drop in” on your neighbors below.

    Woody (bceead)

  25. *handing you the traditional new home git, bread and wine* gorgeous view!

    clarice (c49871)

  26. Oooooohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh!

    You know something? I’ve been a certified house inspector and building consultant down in Auckland, New Zealand since 1985, In that time, I’ve conducted more than 9,000 home inspections and taken over 50,000 photographs…

    But NONE OF THEM come close to having a view like this magnificient property of yours:):):)

    Enjoy it to the max, my friend:)

    Steve S
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    Steve Salter (3d15b2)

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