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Trump: Hey, Let’s Expand Medicaid!

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That’s sure what this sounds like:

OZ: So what do we do with the folks who fall through the cracks?

TRUMP: We have to go and help them through the Medicaid system. We have to help them publicly. We’re going to have to do it. Nobody wants to see people — and it’s totally unfair — a lot of people said oh, gee that’s not the thing to say. I said, well you know what? If I can’t say that, I’m not running for office. There are people who say everybody should have a great, wonderful, private plan, and if you can’t afford that, and there is a percentage, a fairly large percentage that can’t afford it, then those people don’t get taken care of. That’s wrong. We’re going to take care of that through the Medicaid system. We’re going to take care of those people. We have no choice. We’re not going to let people die on the streets.

Nobody mention EMTALA to him. (Look it up.)

And for God’s sake don’t say anything about private charity. That notion is dead, killed by big government types like Donald Trump

He wants to repeal ObamaCare, except when he gets in office and someone explains to him what ObamaCare actually is — the mandate he likes, and the Medicaid expansion he is now calling for — he’ll say: Oh, I guess it’s not so bad after all.

And Rush Limbaugh will declare it brilliant politics.

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