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Trump Praises Putin; Lewandowski Applauds; Plus: READER POLL!

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In the recent town hall, Trump once again praised Vladimir Putin, calling him “a leader far more than our president.” Grabby Corey Lewandowski echoed the sentiment, saying Putin is stronger than Obama. (The lack of pesky checks and balances is always a plus, amirite Corey?) This morning Hugh Hewitt jumped in:

It occurred to me while I was reading this that Mao — who was actually the worst mass murderer in all human history, not just post WW2 — is also not Hillary. Which made me wonder:

If we could reanimate Chairman Mao and put him up against Hillary, who would the Trumpers vote for? The nationalist who put his country’s interests first . . . while killing about 45 million people in his country? Or the dirty stinky socialist woman who hates America?

Let’s find out with this READER POLL!

Very important caveat: assume Chairman Mao, while previously an avowed Communist, is now running as a Republican. He now says he will appoint judges suggested by the Federalist Society, build a wall, and Make America Great Again, just like he did for China.

It’s a binary choice. Here’s the poll.

If Chairman Mao, history’s greatest mass murderer, were reanimated and ran as a Republican against Hillary Clinton, for whom would you vote?

Hillary Clinton
Reanimated Mao

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You Can’t Stretch It Much Farther Than This

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[guest post by Dana]

Just how the hell does this not diminish the bold and courageous act of Rosa Parks?

The president of the NAACP on Thursday compared Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand during the national anthem to Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her bus seat to a white passenger in 1955.

“It’s a lofty name, but it’s not a stretch,’’ Cornell William Brooks, president of the NAACP, told USA TODAY Sports of comparing the San Francisco 49ers quarterback to the civil rights activist. “We’ll let history be the judge, how consequential Kaepernick’s action is.’’

According to the report, Jesse Jackson is currently angling a way to get in on the Kaepernick action. Sounds about right.


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