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Colin Powell Presents Two Solid Reasons Not To Vote For Hillary Clinton

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[guest post by Dana]

It is being reported that Colin Powell’s private emails have been hacked. In one released piece of correspondence, Powell sums up why Hillary Clinton is such a poor choice for president. And it’s not just because the White House would be inhabited by an unethical, deceitful candidate and her hormone-addled man-child who has been accused of rape, and is a notorious sexual abuser of women. No, it’s more than that:


What sort of world becomes a better place when the combined force of unbridled ambition and greed are the motivating factors of a would-be president? It would only benefit the individual who is willing to power through anything and anyone to get what they want, no holds barred. It wouldn’t be about voters or the country. It would only be about one woman’s insatiable drive for more power and more wealth because there would never, ever be enough. Such is the poison that permeates the egotistically self-indulged soul of Hillary Clinton.

I think this is what a Hillary Clinton White House would look like:

The Hillary Clinton Reality Show: Ambition! Sex! Greed! And a Cast of Shady Characters Running to Keep One Just Step Ahead of the Law!


Big Reality Show Reveal of Trump Medical Records…Won’t Happen After All

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He’s hiding something:

If viewers of Donald Trump’s appearance on “The Dr. Oz Show” are expecting a big reveal about Trump’s physical fitness, they are going to be disappointed. Oz will not be reviewing the results of Trump’s recent physical, campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks told CNNMoney Wednesday morning.

That contradicts a claim made on Fox News Tuesday.

The Trump campaign now says it will likely release later this week information based on a physical exam Trump underwent last week.

Trump will be talking with Oz about his physical activity, dietary habits, and broader health-related issues.

It’s pretty simple. Trump won’t release his medical records. He’s hiding something. Hillary won’t release her medical records. She’s hiding something. Trump won’t release his tax returns. He’s hiding something.

You can dance and bob and weave and yell “SQUIRREL!” as much as you like, but these people are hiding something. Period.

P.S. With Trump, I figure what he’s hiding, among other things, is years of prescriptions of a drug that sort of rhymes with the first word of Niagara Falls. (If you try to say that word in comments, your comment will probably go straight to spam and the program may decide not to publish any more of your comments. Commenter beware.)

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