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Harry Reid: Once Hillary Is Elected and We Have the Senate, It’s Bye Bye Filibuster

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Surprise, surprise, surprise!

“Unless after this election there is a dramatic change to go back to the way it used to be, the Senate will have to evolve as it has in the past,” Mr. Reid told me, referring to a former tradition of rarely mounting filibusters. “But it will evolve with a majority vote determining stuff. It is going to happen.”…

“What choice would Democrats have?” asked Mr. Reid, who lamented the inability of a stalemated Congress to take on big issues. “The country can’t be run this way, where nothing gets done.”…

Trump’s presence on the ticket is killing down-ticket races to the point where a Democrat majority in the Senate is a distinct possibility. If that happens, you can bet they will play every card they have.

They have the right to do it. And it was always . . . hopeful, let’s call it . . . for Republicans to exercise restraint on the hope that Democrats would do the same. This is who they are and what they do.

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