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Richard III: In the Deep Bosom of a Parking Lot Buried

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Washington Post:

A team of archaeologists confirmed Monday that ancient remains found under a parking lot belong to long-lost King Richard III, successfully ending a search that sparked a modern-day debate about the legacy of the reputed tyrant.

Details of the findings were released hours after DNA tests came in late Sunday. The 500-year-old remains were discovered five months ago, using ancient maps and records to uncover the ruins of the old friary where Richard III was laid to rest.

“It is the academic conclusion of the University of Leicester that beyond reasonable doubt, the individual exhumed at Greyfriars in September 2012 is indeed Richard III, the last Plantagenet king of England,” Richard Buckley, lead archaeologist of the University of Leicester, said at the announcement Monday in the city 90 miles northwest of London.

Fascinating stuff. The article confirms that the skeleton “indicated a personage who was well nourished, who had suffered cranial trauma during battle and who exhibited spine damage from scoliosis, a type of curvature of the spine — all signs that pointed to Richard III.”

Richard III seemed a saint when he most played the devil, and considered “conscience” a word for cowards. (At least, as portrayed by Shakespeare.) He would have made a great Internet troll.

More Obama Photoshops the White House Warned Us Not to Make or Publish — TIME TO VOTE!!

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As everyone knows, the White House recently warned American citizens not to Photoshop this photo, saying: “The photograph may not be manipulated in any way“:*

Upon learning of the White House’s directive, I obeyed as any good citizen would immediately announced a Photoshop contest, with a couple of entries I had found to get things started. I published a second round of Photoshops here. This is the third and final round.

From Are We Lumberjacks? (h/t Rodger Thomas):

From (h/t redc1c4):

Another one from Are We Lumberjacks?

From Jack Tardy:

From Janice Hart:

A couple from GM Roper:

From Robert Green:

From Freedom Feens:

From Seamus Muldoon:

From a Facebook page that does not like Obama, courtesy of redc1c4:

The contest is closed to more entries. Voting starts now.

If you want to view the previous entries, click “more.”


Open Thread

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More Obama Photoshops tonight.

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