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Cool Photo

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The Moon and the International Space Station.

From NASA.

Super Bowl Open Thread

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No offense to Maryland readers, but I have come to hate your state. And I’m not a real big fan of Ray Lewis.

Go 49ers.

Some Obama Photoshops the White House Warned Us Not to Make or Publish

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The White House recently warned American citizens not to Photoshop this photo, issuing a lawyerly pronouncement that said, in part: “The photograph may not be manipulated in any way“:

Is that so?!

Upon learning of the White House’s directive, I immediately announced a Photoshop contest, and published a couple of early entries. Since then, readers have been busy manipulating and Photoshopping in direct defiance of the White House’s orders, and seeking out others who have done the same. Good for you! Here are some entries.

From Facebook, with a hat tip to redc1c4:

Two similar ones, also with a hat tip to redc1c4. First is from a Facebook page that is not fond of Obama:

A similar entry is from Chattering Teeth:

From Cassandra:

From My Sharia Moor:

From Jimmy Z.:

Keep ’em coming!

UPDATE: More at Twitchy. H/t Glenn Reynolds.

UPDATE x2: From SooperMexican:

He has an animated version at the link. Hat tip, again, to redc1c4.

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