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In the 1970s, journalists investigated Watergate, which dealt with corruption at the highest levels of government. In the 2010s, journalists investigated Watergate, which dealt with a dude drinking water. Which totally killed his career. Via Hot Air:

Never forget, you’re an idiot and the media is serious:

Republicans dismissed President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address as nothing more than big government spending and more tax increases. But a brief sip of water may have gotten more immediate attention than any policy ideas.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s mid-speech swig from a small Poland Spring water bottle during his GOP response generated instant reaction in social media circles and on cable television, even as Republicans offered fresh appeals on the economy and promises to rein in federal spending.

Rubio appeared to wipe away sweat during his rebuttal from the Speaker’s conference room in the U.S. Capitol. At one point he stretched out his left hand, grabbed a small plastic water bottle and took a brief swig of water. As the water break gained notice online, Rubio sent a photo of the bottle from his Twitter account.

Also, we are $16.5 trillion dollars in debt and have no plan to deal with it.

As a blogger, you see, I focus on frivolity — and leave the serious issues (like politicians drinking water) to my betters in Big Media.

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