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DailyKos And The Off The Rails Breitbart Hatefest

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[Guest post by Lee Stranahan]

I’d like to take you on a brief journey to hell.

When I tell people on the right that my friend Andrew Breitbart is consider ‘to be ‘Satan’ by people on the left, they laugh. They know that Breitbart isn’t the most popular guy to liberals – but do they really know? I mean, do they read left wing sites? Get down into the comments? Highly doubtful.

The #Weinergate scandal has provided a good look at how the liberal blogosphere and the mainstream media react to a fishy story from a Democratic Congressman. And it’s been a lab experiment to see the writhing hatred they have for Breitbart. Take a look…I’ll give you some sample although the strong of stomach will actually go and read the site. I dare you.

This article by Stranded Wind quickly turns into an orgiastic victory wank about how the (totally discredited) DailyKos Kommunity has stopped Breitbart in his tracks!

This follows a fairly typical pattern for Breitbart. Some fakery is done, either on his order, or due to some individual taking initiative, and then it promptly runs on his trash news site, Big Government.

     Only this time, unlike ACORN, instead of elected officials cowering before the media they met … us. You, me, Ministry of Truth, stef, and a bunch of other people who are just sick to death of Breitbart’s bullshit.

      We took this ‘scandal’, we ripped it to shreds, and then we rammed the jagged fragments right down Andrew Breitbart’s throat.  This is what a healthy media would have done to him long ago, but they’re as rotted as any institution in this country. Without us they’d have gone for titillation and serving the long term goals of their corporate masters over honest reporting and the public good.

The pud-pounding continues and it eventually turns creepily sexual, too…

Here’s another thing the media won’t touch:  Indict Breitbart. The crimes against ACORN in Baltimore City’s jurisdiction are crystal clear and the only reason there wasn’t a grand jury investigation long ago is the city’s battered financial condition.

    We won’t get financial recovery until we get good policy, we won’t get good policy if we’ve got assclowns like Breitbart trying to bump off a ferocious advocate for the people like Anthony Weiner, and something has got to give.

   We need to turn all our will to Baltimore, and to its newly elected City Attorney, a nice Jewish boy who ran on the Democratic ticket, until the threat to our democracy that Andrew Breitbart represents is removed.

    The evidence is clear. Breitbart, and his accomplices O’Keefe and Giles, will plead out rather than face a jury of Baltimore citizens. They’ll get some small amount of jail time, then probation that will keep them offline until well after the next election. The voter disenfranchisement that was the destruction of ACORN isn’t going to matter – we’re going to carry 2012 in a tidal wave.

   Breitbart will get back online eventually, but he’ll be an irrelevant has-been like G. Gordon Liddy, catering to a small fringe audience. And America will be better for it.

   Come on guys, rec this up – I want to see Dana Loesch, she of the pretty, pouty lips, saying my name on PJTV again. No photoshop, this, I’ll happily share the whole video


Another example  — on this diary they do some articulate media criticism of the New York Times. Here is one paragraph from what the Times reported about the Weiner story…

The episode unfolded Saturday night when it was reported on the Web site, run by the conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart. It played out all day Sunday on the Internet, with Mr. Weiner, a Democrat who represents part of Brooklyn and Queens, addressing the matter on his own Twitter and Facebook accounts, and with bloggers from the left and the right arguing about whether this might be the start of a scandal or an example of  how easy it is for political rivals to harm each other’s reputations using new technologies.

So – there is the New York Times, doing a sort of boring factual piece. Not sure what’s controversial in there…oh! Wait! They mentioned Andrew Breitbart. You think YOU don’t like the NYT? Here is the response from DailyKos auteur fromer…

And I quote…(after the jump with a LOT of NSFW language.)


Huffington Post / AOL Buries #Weinergate Story

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[Guest Post by Lee Stranahan]

Okay, this will get me in trouble but here goes..

The  Huffington Post has finally posted something about this weekend’s evolving #Weinergate Story – but not on the national page, but buried in the much less read New York section.


And their judging by comments – readers noticed.


Huffington Post has buried next week’s top story. Amazing


Why is this a LOCAL story and not a headline story on the HP? That’s right, Weiner is the loudmouth liberal with a D next to his name.


It’s kind of shameful that HP is burying this story that broke on Saturday, and I have only heard about it because of comments in other stories. Clearly his account was hacked (Twitter seems notoriousl­y easy to hack) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t news.

HuffPost Could Have Run The Story Two Days Ago & Chose Not To

This is the part that HuffPost won’t be thrilled with but I mention it because I think it proves some real bias going on…

After months of not blogging at Huffington Post because of their treatment of Andrew Breitbart, I decided this story was juicy / big enough that I wanted to get it out to the HuffPost audience. After all, Huffington Post had been great about publishing my John Edwards pieces.

So I submitted an article that I thought was good – my Would Your Spouse Buy It? article with an added introduction paragraph to explain the story…and note the date…


And I even emailed the blog team and HP editor Roy Sekoff…again, note the date


There’s no question in my mind that if the piece were about Paul Ryan or Michelle Bachmann sending out underwear photos, it would have been Frontpaged all weekend. But instead it got the spike

– Lee Stranahan

Mitt Favors Ethanol Subsidies

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