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Woman Who Got Photo In Weinergate Story Wrote Newspaper Article On Meeting “Stars” Via Twitter

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[Guest post by Lee Stranahan]

Gennette Cordova is the woman who received the photo from the Twitter account of Rep. Anthony Weiner, as reported by Big Government – who has been leaving out the woman’s name. According to research from the blog Iconic Surrealism, she is a student at a college in Washington State, where she writes for the paper. (He also shows a reference to Ms. Cordova calling Rep. Weiner ‘her boyfriend’)

Given how part of this revolves around Twitter, this part of a March article by Ms. Cordova is interesting.

Access to the Stars

If you’re like me, then you’re someone who is guilty of caring about what goes on in the life and minds of celebrities. When people are really famous, chances are they do not have a personal Facebook page that fans have access to; most celebrities use a fan page that is usually managed by someone else. In contrast, Twitter has thousands and thousands of verified, personal, celebrity accounts. The reason being, Facebook is a private social network, while Twitter is essentially an online environment for public news dissemination. Celebs can give their fans access to their tweets without the burden of being every fan’s “friend.”

So, perhaps you’re interested in what political and religious figures have to say, like Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) or the Dalai Lama (@DalaiLama). Or, maybe you’re someone who would want to follow mega-stars like Lebron James (@KingJames) and Snooki (@sn00ki). There are Academy award-winning actors, Olympic gold-medalists, authors, politicians, and comedians; even Jesus Christ has a Twitter (though I’m not sure if it’s been verified).  If there was ever a famous person whose brain you wanted to pick, chances are you can find them on Twitter.

– Lee Stranahan

Political Sex Scandals: Forget Party. It’s The Wives.

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[Guest post by Lee Stranahan]

I do just what I want to do
I want everything and I want you, too
I wish I could explain to you
But the things men without women do
You just don’t understand

– Little Steven, Men Without Women

As the Weinergate story continues to build up steam  one side conversation that comes up frequently is about whether it will have any impact on the Democratic congressman because….well, he’s a Democrat. I say forget that. If the story breaks the way it seems to be breaking, ignore his party affiliation. Watch his wife.

Lots of people think there’s a double standard based on whether the scandal is about a Republican or Democrat. Republicans view this as an example of media bias and Democrats view it as side effect of Republican’s focus on family issues but both sides accept for the most part that the double standard exists. I’m going to offer an alternative theory for your consideration. It’s not about politics.

It’s about women.

Specifically, it’s about the wives of politicians and how they react. This is a bigger factor than party affiliation. Often, the voters just don’t care. The wives always care but sometimes put the money and power and ambition above other considerations. (I’m looking at you, Hillary.)

Or take another case I know well; the John Edwards affair. When the Enquirer broke the story of John Edwards getting caught at the Beverly Hilton with Rielle Hunter, it wasn’t like the late Elizabeth Edwards didn’t know who Hunter was. In fact, she’d confronted John about his affair just a few days after he announced his Presidential run. Elizabeth could have chosen to end his ambitions right then and there. She chose not to. As Brad Crone, a Raleigh-based Democratic consultant said “While she’s the victim, she clearly didn’t stand in the way of the cover-up."

And once Elizabeth turned on Edwards, it was over for him.

Now, I do think that there may a cultural factor that is peripherally related to politics – at the margins, Democratic wives may be ambitious and politically focused than Republican wives, who may be more religious or focused on their own family. As I said, though, at the margin – there’s no rule here.

Compare David Vitter (Republican) with Elliot Spitzer (Democrat) and their respective hooker scandals. Spitzer resigned almost immediately. Vitter stuck it out and there’s Wendy Vitter, standing right by his side as he sticks to the career path. You really don’t need to watch the video  — look at her face in the clip thumbnail. Sticking it out ain’t easy. 

Those southern, family values Republicans elected Vitter again.

Compare that to Elliot Spitzer

Close friends have stated that Spitzer spends most of his time with his family, and regularly meets with lawyers in his father Bernard’s real estate office in Manhattan. Spitzer and his wife have entered couples therapy because of Spitzer’s adultery.

Look at almost any of these sex scandals and you’ll see the real factor how the wives reacted.

When Chris Lee (R – NY) was caught with his pants down with his shirt off, he immediately resigned and went home. I don’t have any insight there, but my first thought was that his wife told him he’d lost his D..C. privileges.

Larry Craig (R – ID) retired but didn’t resign and fought back.

Literally and figuratively, Suzanne Craig, wife of Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, stood by her man as he spoke to reporters Tuesday, denying that he is gay and saying that he mistakenly pleaded guilty to charges that he had propositioned an undercover police officer for sex in an airport men’s room.

And Barney Frank? No women at all.

What’s Mrs. Weiner to do? Thankfully, she has Hillary to call on for advice and support.

– Lee Stranahan

PSA: Tax Holiday in Virginia For Hurricane Preparedness Supplies, Ends Tuesday

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.  Or by Twitter @AaronWorthing.]

I am not sure how many of our readers are in a position to take advantage of this, but frankly I hadn’t even heard it existed until Thursday when shooting the breeze with someone.  Apparently it is not getting very much attention.

This is the official Virginia page on the subject and here’s the list of the covered products.  And even if you don’t want to store up anything in case of hurricanes, a lot of the items are just useful generally.  The deal ends Tuesday, so you do have that time limitation.

Also, if you do choose to take advantage of it, make sure the store is participating.  It doesn’t do you much good to get a tax holiday if the store hasn’t programmed its registers to recognize the holiday.

By the way in a completely unrelated note this is when we celebrate the anniversary of when I became engaged to my wife.  We could go by the exact date, but we prefer to go by memorial day weekend, because it was at the end of memorial day weekend that I proposed.   I gave her seeing eye dog a treat and put aside her red-tipped white cane and…

Kidding!  Her eyes are perfectly fine (and yet she still said yes, go figure).

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

Rep. Anthony Weiner Selectively Edits Himself

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[Guest post by Lee Stranahan]

I’m one of those people who thinks sex scandals are funnier when they happen to Republicans. Sorry, I do. But this one is too funny. Anthony Weiner is a real favorite of a lot of Democrats because he’s not afraid to put it out there.

But as BigGovernment is reporting, maybe he put a little too much out there. Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account send out a photo of…ummm…underwear. To a woman who isn’t his wife. There’s no face, though. Just a bulge in some underwear.  That’s editing! Go to BigGovernment for details.

As I write this, the tweet is still up at 


So, around the same time he was tweeting about hockey, he sends the underwear photos to that woman at @GennetteNicole. Don’t bother looking there, though. Rep. Weiner’s  photos are all erased. And Gennette seems to have deleted her entire Twitter account. And, it seems, her Facebook account.

Look what RepWeiner tweeted earlier in the evening. I don’t know what it means, but look..why is he talking about Seattle?


Well, Gennette seems to live in Seattle. Could be a weird coincidence. Or about 5 of them.

– Lee Stranahan

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