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Is a Hockey Fight Criminal?

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Normally, you would think it is not. But is there any point where the line is crossed into criminal behavior?

Hockey is known as a violent sport but things took a turn for the worse on Saturday night between the Colorado Eagles and Odessa Jackalopes in an exhibition game.

After six fights in the first two minutes of the third period, Colorado player Brad Macmillian sucker-punched unaware Jacks player Dave Van Drunen, who then crumpled to the ice before a melee ensued.

Van Drunen suffered a broken jaw and broken nose and had surgery on Sunday morning to insert five plates and 18 screws.

. . . .

The Jacks confirmed that they have pressed charges against Macmillian and that more charges could be filed against others involved in the incident.

Perfect fodder for Internet debate. Go to it.

Joe Gelarden, Indianapolis Star Reporter Who Covered Brett Kimberlin, Weighs in on the Kimberlin Saga

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Over the weekend, I spoke with Joe Gelarden, the reporter who covered the Brett Kimberlin saga for the Indianapolis Star in the early ’80s.  Here is a clip from an eye-opening story written by Mr. Gelarden (.pdf) that details Brett Kimberlin’s alleged murderous plots to escape from prison and exact revenge on his enemies:

Yesterday I sent Mr. Gelarden a link to my post on Kimberlin, as well as links to Liberty Chick’s post and my post about Kimberlin’s threat to sue.  I asked Mr. Gelarden for a reaction, and he sent me the following, which he was kind enough to authorize me to quote:

I have little sympathy for folks who plant bombs in public places, whether in Baghdad, Times Square, the London Subway or in a suburban shopping center in the heartland of America. I would hope those convicted while enjoying all the safeguards of the federal judiciary, learned their lessons in prison, and have become productive useful citizens.

I also hope those who have injured others along the way, would pay legally imposed damages to innocents they have injured. 

I seem to remember that the DeLong family was trying to pick up a gym bag in a parking lot they thought had been dropped by a forgetful teenager. Their only crime was to attempt to save some other family the cost of a new pair of $50 sneakers. I believe the pain from the Speedway bomb blast was the direct cause of Carl DeLong’s suicide.

As for BK, and his claims of libel and character assassination, I seem to recall he was convicted of perjury in federal court before he got out of high school. I seem to remember his other claims seemed to vanish under close scrutiny. James Whitcomb Riley, the famed Hoosier Poet of the late 19th century once said: “If I see a bird that walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck.”

‘Nuff said.

Joe Gelarden

I thank Mr. Gelarden for his time.

I am confident that we have not seen the end of this story. Stay tuned.

Blogger Tangles with Terrorist

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Blogger Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report had a long and protracted blog war with a fellow named Samir Khan. Now Khan admits he is in Yemen and has joined al Qaeda. Details here.

No word on whether Samir Khan has threatened to sue Rusty for telling the truth about him, the way convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin yesterday threatened to sue me for telling the truth about him.

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