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Andrew Breitbart About to Make Brad Friedman’s Life a Lot More Difficult

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Seen on Twitter tonight from Andrew Breitbart:

So excited to do something out of ordinary. Am re-following @thebradblog. Things are gonna get fun for @ericboehlert’s BFF. #pimphoaxwee!

You can’t see a message like that, about a guy like Brad Friedman, and not want to find out more. So: within minutes I was on the phone with Breitbart.

Sounds like he has a heck of an interesting story coming. You could even call it . . . a bombshell.

I can’t get any more specific than that, other than to say: hey, Brad? You know that thing you’ve been trying to hide from people? The thing you desperately don’t want people to know about? Yeah, that.

Sorry, dude. It’s coming out.

UPDATE: I’m just messing with Friedman, of course.

Or am I???

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