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We Can’t Win The War Against Radical Islam…

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[posted by Justin Levine]

…if we can’t even agree on who the actual enemy is.

Pretty pathetic if you ask me. But it isn’t just Gonzales and the rest of the FBI/Justice Department that is confused here. President Bush himself has regretfully promoted this murkiness. For instance, CAIR’s Executive Director Nihad Awad has been shown time and time again to be a staunch supporter of HAMAS dedicated to scuttling any peace agreement in the Middle East. So why does the President insist on creating PR photo ops with him? He’s been doing this since his days as Texas Governor. He even did it right after 9/11. Why?? Don’t tell me — “Muslim outreach” that is going to actually help us catch radical Islamists, right?

You can disagree about the implications here, but the disagreement itself indicates that we are unlikely to ever get the kind of leadership necessary to rally the nation and prevail in this [phony?] war.

(I doubt that I’ll be responding to comments on this one. But feel free to flame away.)

[posted by Justin Levine]

23 Responses to “We Can’t Win The War Against Radical Islam…”

  1. Patterico scolded us on our use of language, so all I have to say is #@)&*$(O@$)(@*^$()&@^$

    JD (06a9d8)

  2. Justin, why won’t you respond to comments?

    One, taking down your position is hardly “flaming”. I and several other commentators got Captain Ed to sharpen his position on a fascinating legal issue that you or Patterico may want to weigh in on… and after the rough and tumble of the debate, emerged with a better understanding of each other and bonhomie.

    If you took my criticism of your arguments personally, I apologize. That must have been my fault because of the sharp way I can say things in a debate.

    It’s my style; I won’t change it. But realize it’s not personal unless your name is alphie.

    Second, you’re right in this post. Gotta define the enemy properly and that’s been one of if not my main criticism of the Bush administration’s “war on terror” (Huh? What’s that now? WHO IS ‘terror’?) since at least 2002.

    And this was another particularly embarrassing misstep of Gonzales.

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  3. Hey Justin, did you see the latest Newsweek cover?


    Russell (084691)

  4. I agree with Justin, it drives me crazy that Bush invites the secret backers of terror to the White House. This bending over backward to not appear like we hate all Moslems has to stop. Of course not all of them support terror, but enough of them do that we should be able to speak freely about it and do a little profiling now and again!

    Stacy 🙂

    Stacy In Tucson (b99466)

  5. Russell – That cover is the follow up to algore’s appearance on Oprah.

    JD (06a9d8)

  6. JD – Ever wonder why Gorezilla won’t debate anyone on AGW? Ever wonder why Howard Dean won’t appear on TV news shows with other politicians (hint – someone might call him on his bullshit)? Ever wonder why democrats are consistently considered weak on defense?

    Good conservatives don’t have to wonder to answer these questions. They already know the answers.

    daleyrocks (588d22)

  7. Maybe Bush is worried about getting sued since the democrats eviscerated the John Doe law that was originally passed. Stranger things have happened.

    daleyrocks (588d22)

  8. But if C.A.I.R. really does raise money for terrorists, its leader getting photographed with Bush would hurt its donations.

    Stupid like a fox!

    alphie (015011)

  9. CAIR’s financial support does not come from its small membership in the United States. It comes in six figure chunks from Saudi Arabia and other Middle East golden apes. It is a propaganda arm not only of terrorists but also of their state sponsors. I agree completely with Justin and I would also ask why has the President been so soft on the Saudis and their satellites for the past six years?

    nk (48899d)

  10. Can you imagine liberals deciding back in WW II that we cant fight the nazis and we shgould surrender i mean we would have had a dictator long before BILL BLINTON was elected

    krazy kagu (3e8790)

  11. I am helping in the war against radical Islam by supporting the five Romney sons. God help them as they sacrifice comfort and profit to donate sound bites for their father’s election. I applaud their noble sacrifice. Their father, and his supporters, must be so proud.

    nosh (56a0a8)

  12. nosh – Do you see any evidence of Romney support around here? Now, go back to and brag about how brave you were to enter a right of center website and make fun of a presidential candidate.

    JD (06a9d8)

  13. JD,

    Out of curiousity, who are we “around here” supporting?

    I know its not McCain.

    Looks like Fred is taking a powder.

    That only leaves…Rudy Giuliani?

    alphie (015011)

  14. I once heard that one of the trolls here considers itself a conservative Republican. I wonder who it would support.

    JD (06a9d8)

  15. Hillary, unless we’re out of Iraq by next November, then I’d have a fair chance of voting for…Rudy Giuliani.

    alphie (015011)

  16. What is it about Hillary that causes you to support her? And what makes you interested in voting for Rudy?

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  17. Nothing…other than shell pull our troops out of Iraq.

    Rudy, because he seems crazy enough to do some good.

    alphie (015011)

  18. Nothing…other than shell pull our troops out of Iraq.

    Rudy, because he seems crazy enough to do some good.

    Comment by alphie — 8/9/2007 @ 11:46 pm

    That’s the detail of your analysis, alphie?

    I support both of them (kinda sorta… Hillary is my favorite Democrat in the race and I don’t mind Rudy but he’s not my favorite Republican), but if pressed, could say more than that.

    Can you even respond to serious questions about what YOU want non trollishly?

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  19. I want America to start competing against China economically…before its too late, Christoph:

    Instead of pissing around in a third world country.

    alphie (015011)

  20. This is a good listing of the reasons that so many think this is a [phony?] war. I agree that Bush has done a miserable job of defining the enemy.

    Here is more information about the CAIR/Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood connections.

    And a report on the Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas.

    People, we have to understand that this is an existential war against Islamic fascists and name the enemy accordingly.

    dubya (c16726)

  21. Hillary is the face of the vast social authoritarianism conspiracy in America. The Democrats are the party of BIG BROTHER.

    “…we’re so smart its our god-given DUTY (oh, wait, we don’t believe in god)… er, our Noblesse Oblige (yeah, that’s better) to dictate how the “little guys” live…”

    “Now send us all your money right NOW and we’ll take real good care of you… promise!”

    dubya (c16726)

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