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Democrat Lawyer Tries to Smear Thompson

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This is a couple of days old, but I’ve been behind on my blog reading and just saw it. It’s Ed Morrissey catching a Santa Monica attorney (and contributor to Democrats) trying to smear Fred Thompson by starting a phony site trying to tie him to the KKK.

Very amateurish.

Another Suspect in the Newark Triple Murder Is a Foreign National with a Record

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We’ve heard plenty about Carranza, but little about this guy, who is still being sought:

Still being sought: Rodolfo Godinez: An arrest warrant was issued yesterday for the 24-year-old Nicaraguan national, whom authorities are calling a “principal player” in the crime. He is expected to be charged with three counts of murder and felony murder, plus weapons charges.

Godinez, also known as Rodolfo Gomez, lives on Midland Avenue in Newark, but at one time lived in the Ivy Hill Park Apartments.

According to neighbors in Newark’s Ivy Hill section, Godinez was often seen with Carranza, the two juveniles now in custody and a juvenile who was at large yesterday. Authorities said Godinez has been arrested several times on robbery and weapons-possession charges since he was 19.

Yet here he remained . . .

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