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Gotcha moments can be fun — and politicians keep providing them.

The latest one is TPM on Rudy’s immigration views. Call it Rudy 2007 vs. Rudy 1996. I discussed the hypocrisy of Rudy’s pledge to end illegal immigration here yesterday — but no blog post could make the point as effectively as this video, which had to be a pleasure to put together for whoever did it (cough cough Hillary’s campaign cough):


You also may have seen the video of Dick Cheney talking about what a good idea it was not to go to Baghdad after the first Gulf War. Call it Cheney 2007 vs. Cheney 1994:


Then there was John Edwards boasting about how he would never be caught associated with Fortune Magazine, like Hillary was:

Answering a question about NAFTA, the 1993 trade agreement signed by Clinton’s husband former President Bill Clinton, Edwards said NAFTA was negotiated by Washington insiders and that “you will never see a picture of me on the front of Fortune magazine saying “I am the candidate that big corporate America is betting on'” — a blunt jab at Clinton who recently donned the cover of Fortune.

That was a reference to this picture:


Then the Huffington Post found this picture:


Call it Edwards 2007 vs. Edwards 2002.


These are hardly the only three politicians to get caught with their pants down, though these examples are pretty stark.

If you have any stark examples of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments. The clearer the hypocrisy, the more effective your example will be. And it’s a bipartisan exercise, so go nuts, lefties. This is your chance to shine! (Same for righties, but that goes without saying . . .)

UPDATE: Just so it’s clear, the picture of Edwards is not him on the cover of Fortune. It’s him standing at a podium labeled “Fortune.” It’s hypocrisy, but at a slightly higher level of generality.

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