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Two more suspects arrested in the Newark execution case [Updated]

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Following up on an earlier post by Patterico, Rodolfo Godinez, a Nicaraguan national who had been arrested several times in the past but never deported, was arrested yesterday in connection with the Newark executions. Godinez was arrested in suburban Washington DC and his 16-year-old half brother was also arrested a short time later in nearby Virginia:

“The search team, which included the FBI’s Fugitive Task Force, staked out the address in Maryland where Godinez was staying after receiving a tip that he was planning to flee to Texas and then to Mexico, according to James Plousis, a U.S. marshal who is responsible for New Jersey.

The tip came from a confidential informant working with federal law enforcement, Cuff said.

Nearly 10 other people, Sorukas said, were arrested for immigration violations in the operation.

In Virginia, Prince William County Police said three others were arrested at the Woodbridge address where the 16-year-old was found. They were arrested on charges of immigration violations and obstruction of justice.”

This case has yielded at least 15 illegal immigrants, several of which we know have criminal records.

UPDATE: 18-year-old Melvin Jovel, the sixth and apparently final suspect in the slayings, was arrested early Sunday morning in Elizabeth, NJ.

Not a Good Month for Professional Sports

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I love sports. Professional sports (especially football) have always been my favorites but now college sports appeal more to me. Stories like these explain why:


The Washington Post on Judge Southwick and Those Other White Men on the Fifth Circuit

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The Washington Post editors reluctantly agreed with Sen. Feinstein that Judge Leslie H. Southwick is qualified to serve on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals:

“Judge Southwick wouldn’t have been our first choice for this vacancy. Nor do we like the results in the custody and racial slur cases. But we cannot find fault with Judge Southwick’s narrow but ultimately legitimate interpretation of the law in those cases, and we do not find in his record the anti-gay, anti-worker caricature his opponents have drawn. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), the lone Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote in favor of his confirmation, got it right when she concluded that if senators were to examine Judge Southwick’s entire career, including his stint as a judge advocate in Iraq, they would find a ‘qualified, circumspect person.’”

This must be disappointing to people who oppose President Bush’s nomination of Judge Southwick and who vilified Sen. Feinstein for her Judiciary Committee vote. Perhaps to make up for it, the WaPo took a shot at President Bush and, by implication, Republicans as the party of white men …


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