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Chicago Sun-Times Mocks Republicans for Their Concerns About Accuracy

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Remember that story I broke here on July 16?**

That reporter is very chagrined about getting the facts wrong on that.


Actually, instead of showing any contrition over her sloppiness, she just whines about being “harassed by a group of irate Republicans” who, she says, read her piece “with a magnifying glass.”

There’s that vaunted Big Media concern for accuracy we’ve heard so much about!

(h/t jimboster . . . again)

**July 16 is the day before that rat bastard Warner Todd Huston had it, Michelle and John!) But I’m not bitter! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a DOS attack on Newsbusters some business of a personal nature to attend to.

UPDATE: OK, I broke it on July 17 at 12:01 a.m., in keeping with my standard practice of writing posts before I go to bed and setting them for just after midnight of the next day. Even if you ignore the fact that I wrote it July 16, I published it hours before that toad Warner Todd Huston!

24 Responses to “Chicago Sun-Times Mocks Republicans for Their Concerns About Accuracy”

  1. You may not be bitter but I can’t say the same for Jennifer Hunter.

    DRJ (bea74b)

  2. Miss Hunter finishes with: “Duffy says he intends to remain a registered Republican.”

    There’s no such thing in Illinois. Illinois has open primaries. Can I say “cying lunt” here?

    nk (37689a)

  3. Liberal Reporter Cries On Being Outed As A Shill…

    Apparently Patterico wrote a post that I missed and it was finger licking good.  He wrote about a writer named Jennifer Hunter for the Chicago Sun-Times who, being the good reporter she is, did some follow-up and investigation on a……

    Flopping Aces (e7cd22)

  4. Oh no, not another victim of the VRWC! The horror, the horror.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  5. Oh no, not another victim of the VRWC! The horror, the horror.

    ix-nay on the onspiricy-cay…

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  6. There is a post on Huffington today that describes this very phenomena. Essentially, the “journalist” indicates that they are entitled to print their version of the truth. Interesting stuff.

    JD (a04d17)

  7. And of course the interesting thing is if you look at the donations of the new ‘Republican who endorsed Hill’ you’ll see that while he has given to Republicans, in 2004 he gave to Lieberman, and he’s also given to guys like Dick Durbin. So he was certainly no Republican ideologue.

    Skip (e63117)

  8. JD,

    I just read the Penelope Trunk post at Huffington. She is totally clueless!!

    If I am reading an article based on an interview of Pete Rose, I expect it be Pete Rose’s story, not the reporter’s story. I would describe my expectation to be that the reporter is invisible and is not a filter between me and Pete Rose.

    How arrogant to think that the story is her story to tell.

    Mike S (d3f5fd)

  9. I would describe my expectation to be that the reporter is invisible and is not a filter between me and Pete Rose.

    A reporter would be. A journalist, on the other hand…

    Rob Crawford (240cf9)

  10. I guess I’ll have to take care of this.

    corwin (dfaf29)

  11. journalist = propagandist

    Sad, but all too often, true.

    Code word: narrative. The Party Line that the facts are to be shoe-horned into. Those facts that don’t will simply be ignored, new “facts” to be invented as needed. The most recent example is the Duke Lacrosse attempted frame. See also ““Nifonged”

    LarryD (feb78b)

  12. Mike S and Rob Crawford – After reading Trunk’s article, I wondered why she even bothers interviewing people. It is clear that what the subject actually says is going to be fairly, if not completely, irrelevant. Yet another example of what happens when that pernicious concept of truth being subject to perspective.

    JD (a04d17)

  13. Why does anyone want Jennifer Hunter fired? She is a biased leftist, true, but she is also an incompetent fool.

    If she gets fired, they’ll just replace her with another leftist, and maybe a competent one.

    Competent leftist. Is that an oxymoron? Is it possible?

    BlacquesJacquesShellacques (f81c65)

  14. I’m suing you for the slander…. THAT’S what I’m gonna do!

    Warner Todd Huston (677285)

  15. The CHICAGO SUN TIMES is just another liberal rag not worth reading not worth lining a birds cage with

    krazy kagu (89f761)

  16. You know, I DO hope everyone realizes I was joking with my other post! I found this post via a Google search and had not read it previous to my own posting. If I had I would surely have hattipped Patterico. But, I live in Chicago and get the Sun-Times right here. I am glad, though, that my take wasn’t the lone voice in the wilderness and that others felt the same way. I’m also glad that Mz. Hunter was so put upon that she had to write a follow up whining that she was attacked by us mean ‘ol conservatives!

    Just wanted to clear that all up. We are fighting the same battle, so, as Lincoln said… We Must Not Be Enemies.(Though the plea didn’t work for him, so I don’t know why I am trying it! LOL)

    Warner Todd Huston (5dcd8a)

  17. Of course we know you’re joking, as was I. You toad.

    No, seriously, you guys have a great site and I’m pleased to have you on our side.

    Patterico (2a65a5)

  18. The media is proud of their lack of accountability. Accuracy means nothing to them. The ignorant fools that believe them will continue to sustain them, and we will have to continue dealing with political insanity as long as they exist.

    Bruce (45a8fb)

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  22. The Trunk article would be hilarious if it wasn’t typical of the Huffington mindset.

    This is the same philosophy that has infected the humanities depts of our universities; “you can’t really say anything wrong, because your answer is a refelection of the rich tapestry that is YOU”.

    Best response over at HP: “clip a digital recorder to your dunce cap”.

    harkin (175406)

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