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I have a Treo 650 and bought a 2 MB San Disk card to put .mp3s on. I put a CD in the laptop, convert the files into .mp3s, and they go into folders in my “My Music” folder. I then copy the files onto the SD card, which is plugged into the laptop.

I have noticed that the card stops accepting files once it gets to about 400-500 MB of the 2 GB capacity. After poking around the Internet, I tried two solutions, and neither worked, for different reasons.

First, I tried organizing the files into folders on the SD card, after reading somewhere that the root folder can accept only so many files. But when I transfer the card to the phone, and fire up Real Player, it won’t recognize any songs that aren’t in the root folder.

Next, I tried reformatting the SD card to FAT32 formatting. That worked great as far as getting the card to accept more files — I got past 1 GB with no problems. But then, when I inserted the card into the phone, it didn’t recognize it because of the formatting.

Any useful advice? By “useful” I don’t mean “Junk the 650” or “Get an iPhone” or something else along those lines. Also, if you’re going to suggest something complicated, like a hack on the phone that will allow it to read FAT32 formatting, I’d appreciate detailed instructions, because I don’t have a lot of technical ability.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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