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Should Republicans Participate in the YouTube Debate?

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Apparently people all over the Internet are debating whether Republicans should participate in a CNN/You Tube debate. Why shouldn’t we discuss it here?

I think Republicans should participate — mainly because they will look like wusses if they don’t.

I read the transcript of the Democrat version, and I understand the reluctance. The Democrat debate was dominated by questioners asking: “Why can’t you be more leftist?” And the Republican debate will be dominated by questioners asking: “Why can’t you be more leftist?”

One hard-hitting question ended this way:

Good luck. And, whoever becomes the nominee, I’m pulling for you . . . Go Democrats!

Now that’s playing hardball!

But hey, it’s CNN choosing the questions. What do you expect?

Ed Morrissey suggests that the problem be solved by letting righty bloggers pick the questions. Sorry, but that won’t work. Again, it would look wimpy.

I have an idea of my own. Do the debate, and then set up a new round for each party under these rules:

Each set of candidates answers questions picked by the candidates for the other party.

Democrats pick questions for Republicans, and vice versa.

The potential for interesting questions is limitless.

For example, if I were a Republican selecting questions for the Democrat candidates, I’d pick one from a Truther. I’d want to see the Democrats squirming, forced to choose between alienating the wacky part of their base, and alienating all rational Americans.

Are you starting to see the possibilities?

Whether my proposal is accepted or not, one thing is clear: Republicans have to do this debate. C’mon, guys. Suck it up and do it. You’re going to lose anyway. Why not go out swinging?

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