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Chicago Sun-Times Mocks Republicans for Their Concerns About Accuracy

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Remember that story I broke here on July 16?**

That reporter is very chagrined about getting the facts wrong on that.


Actually, instead of showing any contrition over her sloppiness, she just whines about being “harassed by a group of irate Republicans” who, she says, read her piece “with a magnifying glass.”

There’s that vaunted Big Media concern for accuracy we’ve heard so much about!

(h/t jimboster . . . again)

**July 16 is the day before that rat bastard Warner Todd Huston had it, Michelle and John!) But I’m not bitter! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a DOS attack on Newsbusters some business of a personal nature to attend to.

UPDATE: OK, I broke it on July 17 at 12:01 a.m., in keeping with my standard practice of writing posts before I go to bed and setting them for just after midnight of the next day. Even if you ignore the fact that I wrote it July 16, I published it hours before that toad Warner Todd Huston!

Another Goofy Robert Byrd Speech

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This one is on dogfighting.

Byrd’s motto: if it’s worth saying once, it’s worth saying three times.

Worth saying three times.

Do you hear me? It’s worth saying three times!

Is it wrong of me to laugh? Because I did.

UPDATE: I hereby dub Sen. Byrd “Bobby Three Times.” I’m gonna go get the papers, get the papers. Get the papers!

Democrats Kill “John Doe” Provision from Homeland Security Bill

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Audrey Hudson of the Washington Times reports:

Congressional Democrats today failed to include a provision in homeland security legislation that would protect the public from being sued for reporting suspicious behavior that may lead to a terrorist attack, according to House Republican leaders.

The article does not explain the Democrats’ logic, and I cannot fathom it. Does anyone care to defend the Dems on this?

John McCain and Me

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Ed Morrissey wrote me today to ask if I could come on his radio show at 11:30 my time today. (I couldn’t because I was working.) I come home to find out that his guest from 11-11:30 was John McCain. But for my job, the show would have been:

11 – 11:30 John McCain
11:30 – 12:00 Me

Heh. I’m not sure that would have been such a great idea after all. It was probably a good thing for Ed I was working.

Plame Suit Dismissed

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Valerie Plame’s lawsuit has been dismissed.

It had slightly less legal merit than the suit brought by the judge whose pants were lost at the dry cleaners.

Democrats Pledge to Provide Federal Health Insurance Coverage for Abortions

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The Chicago Tribune reports:

Elizabeth Edwards said Tuesday that her husband’s health-care plan would provide insurance coverage of abortion.

Speaking on behalf of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards before the family planning and abortion-rights group Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Edwards lauded her husband’s health-care proposal as “a true universal health-care plan” that would cover “all reproductive health services, including pregnancy termination,” referring to abortion.

Obama says: me too!

Asked about his proposal for expanded access to health insurance, Obama said it would cover “reproductive-health services.” Contacted afterward, an Obama spokesman said that included abortions.

The goal: to make abortion safe, legal, and rare frequent.

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