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A Curious Juxtaposition Regrading Press Coverage Of Global Warming

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The New York Times: March 13, 2007.

The New York Times: March 12, 2007 (one day previous to the first story above).

Draw your own conclusions.

Anna Nicole Smith – A Mea Culpa

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After several days of thinking about it, I’m ready to eat crow. Throw in the towel. Raise the white flag. Beg for mercy in the court of the blogosphere.

I’m now ready to admit that the Anna Nicole Smith story that I linked to last week is probably bogus.

As I argued at the time, the story was admittedly rich in detail and offered a logical explanation as to why Anna Nicole wrote her will the way she did. It was also plausible in my mind that 9/11 would have allowed her to have a child in secrecy two weeks later.

However, an astute commenter alerted me to the fact that the birth certificate didn’t contain Anna Nicole’s legal name (Vicky Lynn Marshall). That, plus the following facts now make me think that the story is bogus –


Courthouse Quote Of The Week

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“I be concubining.”  (Courtesy of accused would-be thief Rickey Lackey.)

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Hillary: Currently Residing in the “Where Are They Now?” File

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The conventional wisdom is that Hillary Clinton’s strongest attribute as a presidential candidate is her name recognition. That may be so . . . but according to Hillary’s high school alumni association, Hillary is currently residing in the “where are they now?” file.

I learned this from my brother, who went to Maine South High School in Park Ridge, Illinois — the same high school that Hillary Rodham graduated from in 1965. My brother e-mailed me yesterday to say that he had been poking around the website of the school’s alumni association, and decided to enter Hillary Rodham’s name to see what her entry says. The answer speaks louder than ten name recognition polls:


We never heard of any such person!


And Barack “Osama bin — Osama Obama — Obama” Obama thought he had name recognition problems!

P.S. No huffy comments until you check the categories — all of them. Anyone who takes this post seriously earns a virtual dope slap.

UPDATE: In a comment, the Liberal Avenger earns the first *dope slap* of the day. And See Dubya e-mails with the punchline I should have used in the post:

She married Him?!

Good one.

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