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As Long As It’s Subtle, That Is . . .

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I can take a hint.

Did Anna Nicole Smith Secretly Have A THIRD child?? [EXCLUSIVE analysis from]

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[posted by Justin Levine] 

Nobody in the press seems to be picking up on this story yet.

Is it true?  I don’t know for sure…But it WOULD explain two very curious facts:

1.  Anna’s alleged pregnancy in this case coincides with the time when she was putting on lots of weight.

2. This would be the only logical explanation I can think of as to why she would specifically exclude all future children in her will.

Anna’s [alleged] love child was supposedly born on 9/28/01, just 2 months after she signed her will [on 7/30] where she specifically excluded “future children” from her estate.

If the story is true, then she needed to sign that will just before she gave birth, otherwise it would threaten son Daniel’s future estate.

I could never understand why Anna Nicole would be so stupid as to include a provision like that. However, if this news article is to be believed, it would all (finally) make perfect sense – Anna Nicole [perhaps] had a THIRD child that she didn’t want anyone to know about at the time (and thus had to exclude him from son Daniel’s future estate).

However, because Daniel died before Anna Nicole, her will may be invalid – so this other child (Marshall) might now be in line to share the (potential) multi-million dollar estate with Anna’s other surviving child Dannielynn (who was also born after the will was signed).

The Phoenix New Times (a paper that I feel has a very credible track record) also reports –

Aside from a birth certificate from Burbank’s Providence Saint Joseph’s Hospital listing Anna Nicole as the mother of one Marshall Black Deer Soto, there are numerous boarding passes for round-trip flights from Phoenix to Burbank.

Smith promised that they would one day marry and live as a family, and Soto has numerous hand-written notes and letters from Smith stating those intentions.

One reads, “Oh, my brave Injun-man, how I long to be with you and feel your red manhood. Look after my little paapoosie [sic], and soon I’ll be your squaw again. I love you, kemosabe, Anna.”

As phone and bank records demonstrate, Smith continued to call and send the wire transfers. Also, Smith remembered birthdays and holidays, having a gleaming electric blue, child-size mountain bike delivered to the Soto household for Christmas of ’06.

Astonishingly, TMZ, Drudge and the other news outlets that cover Anna Nicole are only talking about Anna’s autopsy and haven’t picked up on this story yet. I think it could be huge. Maybe the other news outlets just consider it part of the noise of 7 or 8 people now claiming to be the father of Anna’s daughter Dannielynn. After reading the story and connecting the facts on my own, I’m not so sure.

The Phoenix New Times has a potential bombshell story on their hands regarding the late bombshell – but they didn’t pick up on the angle regarding Anna’s will. This is a exclusive folks! Maybe it will turn out to be bunk – but I think there is enough smoke here to honestly speculate.

UPDATE [3/9/07]: A clear picture of Anna Nicole’s alleged secret love-child here. Imagine the kid with blonde hair and I think you will be able to see a serious resemblance. Most of the press still hasn’t bit – but we are going to be running with the story on the Handel Show at 8AM this morning (PST).


[Update 3-17-07: On second thought. Never mind. I’m an idiot.]

[posted by Justin Levine]

Listening To “Jesus” [Shameless Plug Alert]

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[posted by Justin Levine] 

As a not-so-religious Jew, I listen to “Jesus” every week. You should too – especially since he happens to broadcast exclusively on the radio station that I work for. But apart from that, it is admittedly one of the most unique and fascinating shows happening in radio today. (And to think that I was in the same room when he first came into existence on the Bill Handel Show!)

The L.A. Weekly has now done a cover story on him in this week’s issue.

Goldberg on the Real Victims: Joe and Val!

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Jonah Goldberg is pretty funny sometimes, and today is no exception. Even though I have no reason to question Libby’s conviction, I can tell that lyin’ Joe Wilson’s lies dwarf Libby’s — they just weren’t told under oath. Goldberg puts this well in a piece called The Joe and Valerie show:

SURE, SURE, “Scooter” Libby might go to jail. His career is in tatters, his life a shambles. Even Denis Collins, the omnipresent juror-journalist, says he and his peers feel sympathy for Libby, the “fall guy” in this whole spectacle. But really, who is the real victim?

Joe and Valerie, of course.

Why is that? Goldberg tells us:

“The golden couple targeted by White House machine,” as described by one British paper this week, have had to put up with so much. There’s no need to dwell on the early hardships faced by former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV: that arduous junket to Niger helped along by his wife, Valerie Plame; the endless cups of sweet mint tea he had to drink; the awkwardness that his findings, as privately briefed to the CIA, supported President Bush’s famous “16 words” although he said the exact opposite on the New York Times Op-Ed page and in 12 trillion television studios.

Indeed, though (if you will permit me a brief digression) you will never learn that fact by reading the news section of the L.A. Times, the very paper where Goldberg’s op-ed appears. Readers who get all their news from that paper must be furrowing their brows, wondering what the hell Goldberg is talking about. After all, in a recent analysis, the folks at the L.A. Times tell us:

The statement drew the attention of Wilson, who had been sent by the CIA to Africa in February 2002 to assess the claim about Iraq; he had found it baseless.

and today:

The year before, at the CIA’s request [who in the CIA would that be? — Ed.], Wilson, a retired ambassador who had served in several African nations during a lengthy Foreign Service career, had looked into allegations that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had sought to purchase yellowcake uranium from Niger, and found them groundless.

Sure, he had brought back evidence that it was true — but never mind that!

OK, my digression is over. Let’s get back to Goldberg’s piece:

A man of less mettle might grow frustrated with the effrontery of the Washington Post’s editorial page calling him a liar, a blowhard and the real destroyer of his wife’s career. Simply because it’s true hardly justifies stepping on his story line. Don’t they know he’s the author of a book, “The Politics of Truth,” and a winner of awards for his self-proclaimed courage for “speaking truth to power”? Why should a bipartisan Senate intelligence report cataloging his dishonesty and distortions stand against a man with such important hair?

The Great Dissenter’s burden doesn’t end there. Joe wanted to appear on equal footing, as befits his stature, with Katie Couric on the “Today” show. Instead he was stuck in D.C., and his “one chance to sit face to face with America’s sweetheart” was dashed. And it must have been those cheap partisans who forced the ambassador to sell himself to the John Kerry campaign, to call for the frog-marching of Karl Rove, to call Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol a “drunk.” Joe’s a statesman, darn it!

It goes on like that. Read it all.

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