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Hillary: Currently Residing in the “Where Are They Now?” File

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The conventional wisdom is that Hillary Clinton’s strongest attribute as a presidential candidate is her name recognition. That may be so . . . but according to Hillary’s high school alumni association, Hillary is currently residing in the “where are they now?” file.

I learned this from my brother, who went to Maine South High School in Park Ridge, Illinois — the same high school that Hillary Rodham graduated from in 1965. My brother e-mailed me yesterday to say that he had been poking around the website of the school’s alumni association, and decided to enter Hillary Rodham’s name to see what her entry says. The answer speaks louder than ten name recognition polls:


We never heard of any such person!


And Barack “Osama bin — Osama Obama — Obama” Obama thought he had name recognition problems!

P.S. No huffy comments until you check the categories — all of them. Anyone who takes this post seriously earns a virtual dope slap.

UPDATE: In a comment, the Liberal Avenger earns the first *dope slap* of the day. And See Dubya e-mails with the punchline I should have used in the post:

She married Him?!

Good one.

19 Responses to “Hillary: Currently Residing in the “Where Are They Now?” File”

  1. Senatrix Clinton is hardly the only Member of Congress whose website restricts contact to members of her state or district. There’s a lot of fun that can be had ridiculing her, but on this one, no.

    Dana (3e4784)

  2. I can see the caption now:

    “Some MOCs forget where they came from. Some MOCs’ place of origin has forgotten them.”

    Rick Wilcox (71646f)

  3. Shorter Patterico:

    Hillary really sucks (conservatives hate powerful women) so any shot I can take at her, even if it is stupid and meaningless, I will, and then I’ll cover my tracks by tagging my post as “humor.”

    P.S. Nice screenshot.

    The Liberal Avenger (b8c7e2)

  4. Slightly shorter LA: Patterico really sucks (I hate Patterico) so any shot I can take at him, even if it is stupid and meaningless, I will, and then I will fail to cover my tracks by revealing my utter humorlessness.

    Michael Alexis (676106)

  5. I’ve said it many times that I am rather fond of Patterico.

    Frankly, an inane post like this one seems like it should be beneath someone like Patterico.

    The Liberal Avenger (b8c7e2)

  6. Any opportunity to use a line from This is Spinal Tap should be celebrated

    Doug (bfbba1)

  7. conservatives hate powerful women

    Like Margaret Thatcher, Jeane Kirkpatrick, or Condoleeza Rice. Libs in the UK never made a woman their party leader, no Dem President ever nominated a woman to be UN Ambassador nor any black (man OR woman) to be Secretary of State. Yeppers, we hate us sum parful wimmen.

    Clue to you LA: conservatives strongly dislike powerful socialists and we really don’t care about their gender, color, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof)or sexual orientation. Identity politics is your schtick.

    Michael Alexis (676106)

  8. So, growing up in Park Ridge, your brother was always a Yankees fan too, then? They must grow them up there.

    carlitos (b38ae1)

  9. LA wrote:

    I’ve said it many times that I am rather fond of Patterico.

    Be afraid; be very afraid! 🙂

    Dana (3e4784)

  10. Sorry Carlitos – I was born in Texas and (thus) am happily a Texas Ranger fan – but alas I did spend my high school years in the beautiful confines of Wrigely Field following my heroes – Ernie Banks, Don Kessinger, Ron Santo, and Billy Williams to name a few. Go Cubs!

    Brotherico (60406d)

  11. (conservatives hate powerful women)

    (So says the dude with the Michelle Malkin fixation.)

    kl (15574e)

  12. My favorite spy-novel writer, Donald Hamilton (the Matt Helm books), was of the opinion that the hippie movement was a reactionary one. According to him, they rebelled against TV ads for shampoo, perfumed soap and whitening toothpaste. Applying it to Hillary, her left-wing tendencies are obviously a rebellion against Park Ridge residents’ obsession with maintaining their property values.

    (Cub fan too but from Logan Square/Lane Tech.)

    nk (48b04e)

  13. For the record I’m a White Sox fan with season tix. Still, for a Park Ridge girl to claim that she was a Yankees fan in the 60’s, when the Sox were coming off the World Series in 1959, and the Cubs had such exciting teams, is, well, Clintonesque.

    carlitos (b38ae1)

  14. Funny. I suspect the screen shot is clipped on the right because its starting to explain why the entry is blank, e.g. ‘can not contact, told you must be New York Resident’, etc.

    David N. Scott (71e316)

  15. Nope, it actually does stop with “told you must be New York Resident Only……” and there is nothing beyond that.

    Nugai (9fc699)

  16. I’ve never seen LA give up that easy. That dope-slapping must really hurt.

    Michael Alexis (676106)

  17. NK –

    We’re everywhere (where “we” comprises Donald Hamilton fans). But it’s especially nice to have the shock of recognition here at Patterico’s. A thriller writer who actually knew guns, could hang a plot on grammatical niceties like the meaning of ‘decimate,’ – where are the Hamiltons of yesteryear?

    Simon Kenton (b72aee)

  18. Simon #17,

    I still have my first book of his that I read, at age 13, 1969 edition $0.95, “The Interlopers”, and in my opinion his best.

    nk (48b04e)

  19. Nope, it actually does stop with “told you must be New York Resident Only……” and there is nothing beyond that.

    Huh. I figured the next was ‘when I called her Senate office’ or something. I didn’t realize Hillay answered her phone that way. 😉

    David N. Scott (71e316)

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