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Still More on Jamil Hussein/Jamil Ghdaab Gulaim/Ghulaim

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Michelle Malkin is following up on the Jamil Hussein/Jamil Ghdaab Gulaim/Ghulaim thing.

The AP is being every bit as responsive as you’d think.

Judith Regan Update

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Allegations of anti-Semitism continue to be leveled at the insane would-be O.J. book publisher Judith Regan.

One anonymous source comes to her defense:

One of the people who claims Regan uttered the “rodentia” comment allowed, “I wouldn’t call her anti-Semitic. She was anti-everything. She would use stereotypes against anyone she was mad at: blacks, gays, Irish. It was across-the-board discrimination.”

I’m sorry, but anyone who regularly uses “across-the-board discrimination” and stereotypes shouldn’t be working in the media. Period! Now if you will please excuse me, I need to go produce tomorrow’s Bill Handel Show….

[posted by Justin]

Another Instance of Communist Genocide Being Ignored By History

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[posted by Justin – not Patterico] 

A proud population once thrived in Eastern Germany – “[I]ndeed there were millions, but industrialization of farms under Communism took its toll…”

iowahawk Finds Joe Rago’s First Draft

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Yeah, Joe Rago’s anti-blog outburst was silly, pretentious, and unoriginal. But the first draft was worse. iowahawk has it, in a post titled Blogs Make Me Puke. Here’s a taste:

The bloggers, for their part, produce minimal reportage. Instead, these filthy, bottom-feeding parasites are like aquatic lice, clinging to the underside of leeches who suck blood from the remora fish who cowardly ride along the belly of this proud, aging shark I call “professional journalism.”

. . . .

Every conceivable — and inconceivable — belief is on the scene, but the collective prose, by and large, is homogeneous: A tone of careless informality prevails; a cacaphonous miasma of perfunctory langorous bellicosity; posts oscillate between the uselessly brief and the uselessly logorrheic; cascading, tremulous arpeggios of useless prosaicity; complexity and complication are eschewed; directivity and candor and perspicacity belied; the humor is cringe-making, with irony present only in its conspicuous absence, which, when one thinks about it, is in itself ironic, creating an infinite, unintended laff-riot loop of ironic non-irony; arguments are totally solipsistic; their obviously drunk and/or crack-addled writers traffic only in pronouncement, and are loathe to employ professional-grade opinion tools like Roget’s Thesaurus, or the dramatic sentence-ending ellipsis . . .

But I think my favorite bit was this:

But because these violent political blogs are predictable, they are also excruciatingly boring. More acutely, they promote intellectual disingenuousness, as well as crudely designed novelty T-shirts.

Heh. Read the whole thing.

Sandy Berger – A Blast From The Past

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[posted by Justin Levine – not Patterico]

As long as Patterico is talking about the Sandy Berger scandal, I think readers should be reminded of Bill Clinton’s reaction to the charges:

“We were all laughing about it on the way over here. People who don’t know [Sandy] might find it hard to believe. But … all of us who’ve been in his office have always found him buried beneath papers.”

Given the way the traditional media has lied down on this story from the start, I’d be laughing too. First they yawned at the charges, then they yawned some more at the amazingly light sentence he received.

This is why I stand by my review of the original cut of “The Path To 9/11” which trashed Sandy Berger in a rather harsh manner. I freely admit that history may not have happened exactly as depicted in that film. But since both the participants and the media don’t seem particularly interested in revealing the full story of what really happened, then I will accept an film that may contain some inaccuracies but still gets close to a larger “artistic truth”.

Obviously I want objective truth. But when you are faced with a situation where the only choice is between “fake, but accurate” and “complete silence and stonewalling”, I’ll go with the “fake, but accurate” account.

It seems to me that the burden is on Sandy Berger in this instance.

[posted by Justin Levine]

Berg(l)er Destroyed Documents, Which May Have Been Originals

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Back in 2004, the editors of the L.A. Times confidently asserted that Sandy Berg(l)er had taken no original documents from the National Archives. I questioned their assertion.

Now an AP article says:

But Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., outgoing chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, said he’s not convinced that the Archives can account for all the documents taken by Berger. Davis said working papers of National Security Council staff members are not inventoried by the Archives.

There is absolutely no way to determine if Berger swiped any of these original documents. Consequently, there is no way to ever know if the 9/11 Commission received all required materials,” Davis said.

Determining this is made a little harder by the fact that Berger destroyed some of the documents:

In October 2003, the report said, an Archives official called Berger to discuss missing documents from his visit two days earlier. The investigator’s notes said, ”Mr. Berger panicked because he realized he was caught.”

The notes said that Berger had ”destroyed, cut into small pieces, three of the four documents. These were put in the trash.”

After the trash had been picked up, Berger ”tried to find the trash collector but had no luck,” the notes said.

And this was a misdemeanor??

Sesame Streets

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The other day Allah wrote this about a video:

Mary K handed this one off to me because, apparently, it was too hot for Townhall. Which is funny for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I had to hand off a video to Ace earlier this week because it was too hot for Hot Air. It’d be fun to map out that continuum. Who does Ace hand stuff off to when it’s too hot for him? Does that blog even exist?

If not, it should. Take it as a hint.

Maybe that blog does exist, Allah. Maybe this is that blog.

Because, you see, Allah today wrote about a YouTube video

that I watched today features Sesame Street with snatches of dialogue from the “what am I, a clown?” scene put in the mouths of Grover and Big Bird.

That clip will not be appearing on this site, needless to say.

Hmmmmmm. Was it on Ace’s site? I checked, and it didn’t appear to be. Apparently it’s too hot for him too!

But it will be appearing here, baby!

Anyway, I asked Allah for the link, so it wouldn’t go to waste, and he was kind enough to provide it. So here it is. I am putting it in the extended entry, so that readers viewing this post on the main page must see my content warning before viewing the video.

Uh . . . content warning. Profane language. Some Muppet violence. Not safe for work.

But if you think you’ll get a juvenile pleasure out of seeing Elmo, Big Bird, and Ernie repeatedly uttering the “f” word, then you’ll probably enjoy this as much as I did. Part of me is ashamed to admit it, but I laughed and laughed.

As Grover might say, I laughed my [expletive deleted]ing [expletive deleted] off.

Click on “more” to view this very silly but very funny video.


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