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The Cells Are Dying at an Alarming Rate

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I can feel my brain dying, little by little.

Is it because of my undiagnosed sleep apnea? No . . . I’m sure that’s killing brain cells, but that’s not what I mean.

Is it because of the cheap weeks-old red wine I’ve been drinking at my Mom’s house? If you could taste it, you’d easily guess that stuff is capable of killing all kinds of brain cells . . . but that’s not what I mean either.

No, my brain is dying because we spent the last couple of hours watching TiVoed versions of some game show called “Deal or No Deal.”

This is the most mindless show you have ever seen. The squeezing sensation in your skull is the feeling of your brain atrophying at an alarming rate — like you’re the subject of a documentary on brain disease, filmed using time-lapse cinematography.

And it has Howie Mandel.

Oh, man.

We’re gonna watch a movie now: Thank You for Smoking. Time to get more of that cheap, cheap wine.

Hewitt Interviews Joe Rago — Plus John Kerry Mockery! (UPDATE: Spurious Mockery, As It Happens)

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The interview with blog-hater Rago is here.

Two things jumped out at me: 1) he thinks that there was something original about his anti-blog piece (which was in fact the biggest collection of recycled complaints about blogs I’ve seen yet); and 2) he didn’t vote in the Bush-Gore election in 2000 . . . because he wasn’t 18 yet.

P.S. As part of the conservative blogosphere’s mission to pursue second-order distractions from the events in Iraq by posting irrelevant mockery of John Kerry, I direct your attention to this photo of Lonely John in Iraq. (H/t Malkin.)


UPDATE: Kerry was deliberately lonely, it now turns out. The implication that he was avoided by the troops in the photo was not true.

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