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Gerald Ford Dies

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Saddam To Be Hanged Within a Month

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Iraq’s highest court has rejected Saddam’s appeals and ruled that Saddam must be hanged within 30 days. Justice is a little swifter over there.

We already know how the media will spin the story: increased sectarian strife, bad for Iraq, tougher for L.A. Times columnists to argue for his return to power, etc.

For the rational world, however, this must be seen as a major step forward in the struggle for Iraq.

The 30 days is a maximum, by the way. I’m hoping it’s done before the New Year.

See Dubya Blogging at Hot Air

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Things are slow here at Chez Patterico as I mingle with family members (some of whom have no Internet access!), and slowwwwly try to work up a Dog Trainer Year in Review post . . . on a Treo.

(Yeah, it’s slow going. It may not appear on December 31st this year. Fair warning.)

In the meantime, keep reading my favorite blog Hot Air, where my pal See Dubya is getting some deserved exposure as a guest poster.

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