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When Lefties Attack Lefties

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Break out the popcorn and watch with bemusement as leftist Glenn Greenwald excoriates influential leftist Congressman Rahm Emanuel for lying about his knowledge of the Foley e-mails.

It appears Emanuel was being, at a minimum, Clintonesque.

Now who could have taught him that?

The Flying Imams’ Connections to Terror

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Via Power Line comes a link to a fascinating column on one of the flying imams’ connections to terror. It’s by Katherine Kersten in (of all places) the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Read this column in conjunction with Audrey Hudson’s Washington Times piece on the behavior of the imams, and the conclusion is almost irresistible: the imams were trying to increase Americans’ reluctance to report or challenge suspicious behavior on an airplane.

It’s Elementary, My Dear AP

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Dan Riehl relates the case of the dog that didn’t bark. In this case, the dog in question is a Sunni official.

Spam Filter

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The spam filter has been acting up lately. Some legitimate comments are getting swallowed up.

If this happens to you, don’t take it personally. Just e-mail me and tell me that your comment didn’t go through. To e-mail me, use the word “patterico” at the beginning of the e-mail address, followed by the @ symbol, followed by “”

Maj. McClung’s Father Writes

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After publishing my post about the death of Ramadi press officer Maj. Megan McClung, I learned to my dismay that I had inadvertently violated a military rule in releasing the information as early as I did. (I discuss how this happened in an update to that earlier post.)

To my great relief, I have since learned from Maj. McClung’s father that no harm was done. He gave me permission to reprint his e-mail:


While you did violate the 24 hour rule, no harm was done as the Marines had already been here. Meg thought you did good work and had forwarded some of your articles to me. God bless you.

I am relieved to know this, and I thank him very much for writing.

I especially appreciate his sharing his daughter’s statements about my work on the Ramadi airstrike story. I was touched to learn that she had enjoyed my posts enough to forward them to her dad.

I told him that, if the family agrees, at some point in the future I’d like to do a post that tells readers a little more about her. He said he was going to discuss matters like that with HQMC PAO, and would let me know what comes out of those discussions.

Deepest condolences to the family.

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